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Cohen Winters; Empowering People Through Rights Protection

Good times can create an overall positive outlook on life. People become carefree and enthusiastic in such favourable situations. But life unfolds in unpredictable ways. Even the kindest individuals may get caught in complicated situations. Such challenging times can drastically change one’s normal course of life for the worse.

Cohen Winters, the New Hampshire trial attorneys, can be your trustworthy friend in such hard times. We work tirelessly to ensure maximum protection of your lawful rights and the related entitlements.

Cohen & Winters is the trusted and established name in the legal services segment. The legal firm has acquired a respectable name among major bar associations including New Hamshire Association For Justice, American Association For Justice, New Hampshire Bar Association, Super Lawyers and others. With a rich wealth of experience in handling over 2455 cases for 40+ years, Cohen Winters’s team is a seasoned name in the segment.

We, at Cohen Winters, are dedicated to working wholeheartedly to help good people come out of the bad situations in life. Our team of professional and qualified lawyers ensures that people sail through challenging life situations with minimum inconvenience, mostly for a single time in their lives.

Our Practice Areas

The entire Cohen & Winters team focuses on giving purposeful and proactive legal services as per the needs and requirements of the justice-seeking individual. We deliver expert legal services in the following practice areas,

  • Personal Injury- In case you have encountered an unfortunate incident or accident, which left you or one of your loved ones seriously injured, Cohen Winters’s attorney will ensure you get the appropriate justice and the rightful compensation for the careless actions of another individual.
  • Criminal Defense- An accusation has the potential to drastically change one’s quality of life. Attorneys at Cohen Winters stand by you at such times of uncertainty. We have a wide experience in defending people against accusations ranging from simple assaults to first-degree murder.
  • DWI & Driving Charges- Cohen & Winters Attorneys have a rich experience of defending people against almost every category of driving charges. This includes DWI, habitual offender, operating after revocation, reckless operation, overspeeding, etc.
  • Family Law- Cohen Winters lawyers try to help people facing the misfortune of undergoing a divorce or custody dispute, in the best possible way. Our Attorneys at law regularly pay visits to the family division court across the New Hampshire state, to cause amicable and satisfactory settlement of divorce disputes, parenting disputes, restraining orders, delinquency petition and cases involving abuse and neglect.

If you are also passing through a rough patch in your life, Cohen & Winters can help you overcome the legal troubles with ease. With Cohen Winters, the cost of availing legal services can never turn out as a roadblock as we work with the motive of self-satisfaction and not money-making.

Attorneys at Cohen Winters work to ensure that justice is neither delayed nor denied to you and your loved ones. So, if you are looking for the lawyers and are in search of the best, there is no better place to put your trust than Cohen & Winters.

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