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Career opportunities in the Video Game Development industry

An increasing number of students, nowadays, are making the decision to turn their love of playing video games into lucrative careers in the game design sector. If you are a passionate candidate who is looking for a potential career path in the video game development industry, this article can help you identify some popular careers. Read on.

  • Game Programmer−The main responsibility of game programmers is to work on the vision of game designers and bring it to life.They apply computer code to create the programmes that a computer, smartphone or any video game system can read to be able to run the game. These professionals decide upon a programming language that can work best for a given game and choose the programming language for individual aspects within the game.


  • Game Artist–Game artists focus on creating new video games while collaborating with the game development, production, and design and marketing teams. They are experts at implementing computer software programmes to develop animation characters, environments and user interfaces. Employers general look for candidates who have relevant experience in game art and possess relevant knowledge in 3-dimensional modelling colour theory and interface design.


  • Game Animator − Multimedia artists and animators who specialise in video games are referred to as game animators. They combine the aspects of art and technology to create interactive animated objects and environments for video games. These professionals are accountable for the portrayal of movement and behaviour of characters within a game. They are expected to possess highly developed animation skills and creative problem-solving abilities to handle their professional duties.


  • Game Designer − Game designers typically work with a team, where they spend their time developing and designing video games. They engage in coordinating the complex task, such as designing characters, levels, puzzles, art and animation to test out early versions of video games. They are typically hired within the computer science or media departments of multinational companies in managerial role on video game projects.


  • Game Writer–Gam writers spend quality time doing research, to come up with innovative gaming ideas, as well as overcome current challenges that are faced by the gaming industry. They read up on the time period that a particular game in concern to construct different aspects of the surroundings and costumes. They employ their analytical abilities to inspire the game’s story and characters and make the game feel more authentic.

Earning a degree level qualification in computer game development can help you establish yourself firmly in the gaming industry. Upon graduation, you can either choose to take up a game design job as a member of a designing team or set up your own development studio. Sign up for a course today!

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