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Car Diminished Value Guide

Does your car have diminished value? Diminished value is something that many car owners will have to deal with during their ownerships tenure. It’s important, as a car owner, to understand what can cause diminished value and what you need to do in order to have the diminished value professionally appraised. The following guide will help you understand more about car diminished value.

What is diminished car value?

Diminished value refers to a decrease in value based on a car’s age and condition after a car accident. Diminished value is frequently brought up in regards to insurance policies, which may refer to a car’s diminished value after a car accident when renegotiating new insurance policies or when deciding on how much they are able to pay out after an accident.

The reason why diminished value occurs is due to the perception of a damaged car, even if it has been repaired, on the market. Cars that must be repaired after an accident almost always have at least some diminished value due to the fact that most car buyers will view a repaired car with less value than a car which has not required repairs.

It’s important to note that in some cases, diminished value does not apply even if a car has been damaged in an accident and repaired. The type and amount of damage done can have a significant influence on whether or not diminished value exists.

In somecases, cars could even be worth more after ran accident if brand new parts had to be installed—but this will depend on the make and model of the car, the year, and the average demographic for the people who typically buy that type of car.

Types of diminished car value

There are several different types of diminished value. The following are the three types of diminished value.

  • Inherent diminished value: this type of diminished value occurs when a car has been damaged in an accident and then repaired. The inherent diminished value refers to the fact that cars will inherently lose value after an accident.
  • Immediate diminished value: This type of diminished value refers to the value of a car after an accident but before any repairs have been done on the vehicle. Immediate diminished value is not typically used for insurance or appraisal purposes.
  • Repair diminished value: This type of diminished value refers to a diminished value caused by low quality or inferior repairs performed after a car accident. If the repairs were not done properly or were done poorly—either in service or with low quality parts—this can affect the value of the car.

Of these three types of diminished value, inherent diminished value is the most common.

How to have diminished car value appraised

An appraisal for diminished value can help you in the event that you need documentation of your car’s diminished value for insurance purposes, litigation, or selling your car in the future. If your car has experienced diminished car value, contact a professional appraiser for more information.

Remember to keep the essential information above in mind if your car has diminished value.

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