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Buying Property or Apartments By Expatriates In Abu Dhabi

The nuts and bolts of buying freehold property in Abu Dhabi are equivalent to anyplace else in the United Arab Emirates. Notwithstanding, in contrast to Dubai, Abu Dhabi doesn’t till date have explicit laws/guidelines controlling deal and acquisition of land by outsiders (for example off arrangement deal, land merchants and operators, escrow accounts, together possessed property (Strata Law), and so on). Such being the situation one should be much increasingly cautious and exercise more noteworthy due determination while obtaining property in Abu Dhabi. 

There are a few confinements to Buy Apartments in UAE, as outside possession is to a great extent limited to assigned regions. Such assigned territories have been delegated “Speculation Zones” by the Abu Dhabi Executive Council. 

Is the property you are aiming to buy situated in a zone where non-UAE and non-GCC nationals are allowed to buy freehold property in Abu Dhabi? 

Abu Dhabi property laws grant outsiders to procure premiums in properties situated in specific territories of Abu Dhabi assigned by law in 2005 which are known as Investment Zones. These Investment Zones are territories of land inside Abu Dhabi in which GCC and non UAE/GCC nationals are qualified for genuine property rights. In any case, such rights explicitly bar proprietorship rights to land for exiles. 

Your agent or legal advisor will have the option to help you in deciding if the property you wish to purchase is situated in an Investment Zone or not. A portion of the venture zones are Reem Island, Raha Beach, Al Reef, Yas Island, Saadiyat Island. 

Degree of property rights gave on ostracizes 

Under Abu Dhabi’s property laws, you (as a non-national, non-GCC) are qualified for possess, buy, sell, rent out, contract, and put resources into floors and lofts (barring lands) in Investment Zones. Further you can appreciate 99-years leases of effectively developed land, (known as usufruct leases), and 50-year improvement leases (known as musataha leases), which will enable you to be constructed and appreciate lacking land. Both “usufruct” and “musataha” leases might be restored for like timeframes upon understanding between the gatherings. Except if generally concurred between the gatherings, an individual holding a “usufruct” or “musataha” directly for over 10 years may move that privilege without the authorization of the proprietor/landlord of the land. Be that as it may, except if concurred something else, the proprietor or landlord may not contract their enthusiasm without the assent of the proprietor of the “usufruct” or “musataha” right. 

As of late it has been declared by the Abu Dhabi Municipality that outsiders will currently be permitted to possess apartments in Abu Dhabi on a freehold premise in assigned venture zones instead of leasehold courses of action with 99-year leases. Be that as it may, the circumstance would be more clear once subtleties of such freehold game plan or a clarification would be given on how precisely it will contrast from other property rights in Abu Dhabi. 

Is it true that you are obtaining an ‘off-plan’ or ‘resale’ property? 

There are various arrangements of conventions appropriate contingent upon whether you buy a property under development or a finished property. With respects obtaining “off-plan” properties observe the accompanying: 

The most significant introductory advance is to guarantee the engineer is enlisted with the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi. At whatever point you are buying property that presently can’t seem to be finished, guarantee that the buy understanding incorporates the culmination date and the remuneration granted if the property isn’t finished by that date. Besides, if the property is to be outfitted, choose a fitting cutoff time for outfitting and append a timetable distinguishing the decorations. 

In contrast to Dubai, at present Abu Dhabi doesn’t have enactments identifying with off arrangement deals or forcing escrow account necessities, making it much increasingly significant for you to practice alert at the hour of obtaining such off arrangement properties. 

Buying “resale” property in Abu Dhabi 

You ought not follow through on any piece of the buy cost without having a deal understanding or other type of agreement set up. A straightforward deal understanding is the main report required for procurement. Be that as it may, this is lawfully authoritative and should possibly be marked when all sensible due persistence on both the property and confirmation of dealer’s possession have been embraced and all dealings finished. On the off chance that you are buying on the auxiliary market it is prudent that the store ought to be held by the dealer or your legal counselor bonded pending exchange. 

Check of proprietorship and property subtleties 

Your due ingenuity ought to incorporate confirmation of the dealer’s responsibility for property and his capacity to on-offer the property to you, investigation of the property and check the size and different points of interest of the property, distinguish the guarantees to be doled out to you at the hour of procurement and whether the apartment is as of now rented, on the grounds that by law the deal is dependent upon tenure rights. In regard of off-plan deals extra due tirelessness in connection to the engineer, development progress and his capacity to finish the task ought to be attempted. It is likewise essential to have a development connected installment plan as opposed to having the risk to make installment on explicit dates to the merchant. 

It is additionally critical to precisely decide whether the apartments you mean to buy has existing account, and from which bank as the merchant’s current home loan must be dropped before the property can be moved into your name. It is likewise fitting to have proficient help with the due industriousness and acquiring process, however this is anything but a proper necessity in Abu Dhabi. 


In 2005, guidelines were acquainted in connection with enrollment of genuine property and a department under the name of “Property Registration Department” was built up at Abu Dhabi Municipality. All auras will be recorded in your name in the top real estate companies in UAE kept up by the said department. Such enrollment will be prove by issuance of an enlistment testament/title deed. 

Abu Dhabi laws do perceive the ideal for home loans to be made (over property and property rights inside and outside the Investment Zones) and requires the enlistment center to record these on the land register kept up by Abu Dhabi Municipality. 

Under Abu Dhabi laws there is an unmistakable necessity that each deed making, moving or stifling genuine property rights, (counting leases with a term surpassing 4 years) is required to be enrolled. Inability to have such enlistment would render such rights incapable. For additional data with respect to reports required, enrollment methods and material expenses you may counsel the Abu Dhabi City Municipality site. 

The above data identifies with property possession in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Different Emirates, to be specific Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain, each have their very own one of a kind property laws and strategies appropriate to property proprietorship in their particular Emirate. 

We prescribe you look for proficient counsel preceding venture and acquisition of freehold property in Abu Dhabi or in any of different Emirates of the UAE. In the event that you have, in any case, obtained a property and are experiencing challenges, you should look for qualified autonomous legitimate exhortation on your privileges and strategies for review.

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