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Brief Guide: How to Boost Your Website’s Conversions?

In this age where information sells for a higher price than precious metals, having a website should be a priority for your business.

Are you a businessman looking to have a custom web design done for you by experts? If you are looking to improve your knowledge about what is most acceptable in the months to come, then look no further. These following tips have been specially prepared to help you achieve your aim of owning a good website. You do not have more than five seconds or even less to make a lasting impression on first-time viewers. This is why you need to learn how to get their attention quickly and make them stick to your site.

Draft Out a Plan or Template

Do not be in a hurry to get on your computer and start looking for web designers out there. Strategically map-out the entire journey of your client when they will come to your site. For instance, the pages they should read and the actions they should take. This needs to be properly planned first before you begin looking for a custom web design.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Features

There is usually an urge to clutter your webpage with a lot of stuff related to your business. However, people are not comfortable with too much distraction that these unnecessary features can cause. Therefore, you have to eliminate unnecessary animations. You also have to remove contents that are not appealing.

Integrate Social Media Share and Follow Option Buttons

Social media is the online community where the clients and viewers you intend to visit your site can be found. So you should make sure there is an option for viewers to share your website directly and easily with their social media friends and followers.

Add Relevant CTA

A call to action will help you achieve the initial goal for creating the website. Otherwise, your users will end up enjoying your content and leave your page. So, when they are there a good way to implement CTA can be like this “check out this offer.”

Use Professional and Relevant Photos

There are a lot of places you can get professional images for free. It is important that you use them because most of your webpage viewers will judge the quality of your site and by extension the quality of the service you intend to offer by the quality of graphics you present.

Make Navigation Easy

A disorganized site is a major turnoff to visitors. You should make it easy for your viewers to move from one place on your webpage to another without encountering too many hassles. This can be done by having a streamline of contents.

Make Your Homepage Scrollable

Make your homepage slightly long and scrollable by creating up to 3-5 sections that can help direct new users to the right places on your website. Here are some of the things you should include on your homepage:

  • A video overview
  • Outline of services
  • About us page
  • Products
  • Testimonials etc

Include White Spaces

White space or negative spaces as they are often called are put on the web page to help the user focus better on the item on the foreground. For several years before the internet and web technology was developed, artists have been using this trick to capture the attention of people to exactly what they intend to see.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile View

Most of the web viewers and internet visitors prefer to do it on their mobile phone. This is because of the ease and portability the mobile devices are built with. Therefore, your website must be appealing to mobile users if you intend to retain them as visitors.

Optimize SEO Content

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an important strategy for promoting your website by using search engine optimized keywords. Whenever users online search using these keywords the search engine refers them to your website.

Keep Testing

You should try out more features from time to time and see how your users respond to the changes. Keep adapting to what works while you do away with the unnecessary.

Detect and Delete Broken Links

Over time, some links in your webpage will not be working anymore, such links should be quickly done away with or corrected because they give a poor representation of your website.

Attract with New Offers

Whatever service you intend to offer, there are competitors out there doing the same. In order to stand out from the park, you need to employ creativity. In doing this, watch out for what your other competitors are offering and offer something unique and more attractive than theirs.

Update Regularly with Viewer Focused Contents

Eliminate as many personal pronouns that you can from your website such as ‘I’ ‘we’ etc. and replace with words that put your viewers first — such as ‘you’ and ‘your.’ This will give them the impression that you wrote the article putting them first in mind.

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