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Bluestone Pavers – When Elegance Meets Quality

Whether you have a small space around your house or you live in a mansion, pavers will serve as a great surrounding. Adding path pavers can add significant value to your home. But it is essential to choose the right type of material to add significant value to its beauty. Bluestone pavers are popular in Melbourne as it is one appealing natural stone type. It has various residential as well as commercial applications. A cherry on the top is their durability and hard wearing qualities.

One fun fact about bluestone is that its color varies, depending upon the depth it has been derived from. The deeper it is quarried from, the more unique and vibrant its colours will be. Whether you choose it for your home renovation project or for your office, bluestone will look classy.

  • Create a magical effect 

Due to the unique colors and patterns, bluestone looks magical wherever they are laid. They come in various shapes and sizes so you can easily find the perfect fit for your available space. Whatever your budget is, bluestone is available in a variety of options and sizes so you can choose what suits you the best. The texture of bluestone will stay the same for a really long time.

  • Preventing bluestone from damage

Bluestone is a porous natural stone. Hence it needs a sealer that will enhance its shine and depth. The sealer will prevent any dirt from entering its surface. If you prefer more shine on these stones then you can use sealers that add shine to the surface.

  • What else will a sealer help with?

If you decide to use bluestone near the pool area then the shine of the stone can be affected by the chlorine and saltwater. When you use a sealer, it will prevent the stone from coming in direct contact with the bluestone. The damage that can be caused due to heavy foot traffic can also be prevented. The dirt and grime from surrounding gardens and the scratches, marks, and stains.

  • Should you opt for bluestone?

Bluestone is a very high density stone. This is what makes it quite durable as well. It has the ability to withhold harsh weather conditions. This is what makes it the ideal choice for outdoor projects. It is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles. Bluestone has a rough texture. This is why it is highly preferred near pool areas to minimize slipcases. Using sealers with high gloss does not mean you have to compromise with the rough texture. The raw finish will remain the same. If you are looking for appeal, durability and versatility than bluestone is the perfect choice for you. Irregular bluestones are also high in demand as they can fit anywhere near your house. Irregular or smaller pieces of bluestone can be used in patio and sidewalks.

  • The versatility of bluestone

Bluestone has gained a reputation in the versatility department. It is ideal for high traffic use, convenient for pool decks and patios, perfect for commercial as well as residential use. What else could you expect from natural stone? When you rely upon this hard-wearing stone you won’t be disappointed. From blue tones to warmer tones- you will find a great variety while working with these.  They add a luxurious appeal to any home or building. Combining various types and patterns of bluestones can create amazing visual dimensions. If you are looking for something simple then you can go for the same pattern and colour of bluestone.

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