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Best Services Of Asset Management And Disposal Of Used Electronics

In the recent image, the use of electronic products has expanded extensively, changing the methods in which we communicate, access data and entertain ourselves. According to current stats, in each household, Americans now own around 24 electronic devices.

Do you know that annual gadgets sales in the US are greater than $206 billion? Yes, it is hell true. The fast progress in consumer gadgets purchases has created a growing stream of used, unwanted or old electronics in need of appropriate management. Therefore, we need high-end services for asset management and disposal of used electronics in Dallas.

Some interesting stats for the disposal of electronics

According to the US EPAUS (Environmental Protection Agency),

  • In 2009, approximately 2.4 million tons of electronic devices were disposed of in the US.
  • It is highly increased from 1999 which is more than 120 percent.
  • Only 25% of this amount was collected for the purpose of recycling.
  • The other 75% of electronics ended up in landfills and incinerators.
  • In electronic devices that were disposed of include outdated PCs, laptops, TV, stereos, printers, copiers and cell phone devices.

Although used, unwanted or old gadgets make up a moderately small percentage of the overall electronic waste (e-waste) stream, their dumping is a source of concern for numerous analyses and reasons. If we consider what types of resources are used to make these electronic devices? No doubt, the production of gadgets requires a substantial amount of valuable resources such as,

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Glass

Do you know that many of these metals can be recovered through the electronics recycling process? Yes, recycling used electronics is one of the best options to reduce your e-waste. For example,

  • If we consider the production of one desktop computer, it takes at least,
    • 530 pounds of fossil fuels
    • 48 pounds of chemicals
    • 5 tons of water
  • If we consider cell phones which are resource-intensive as well, composed of precious metals like,
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Palladium
    • Copper

Recovering these and different materials through recycling used electronics uses a small amount of the energy needed to mine new metals. What’s more, the presence of dangerous materials, for example, lead, nickel and mercury in some gadgets makes safe removal especially significant. These metals could pose dangers to human wellbeing or the environment if inappropriately handled.

IT asset management

Dealing with the safe removal of old or undesirable electronic gear. Many eco-friendly or environmental protection firms have some expertise in the proper and secure management of about your information-bearing resources while complying with all industry and government necessities.

ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) is a method for the best possible disposition, removal and recycling or remarketing of assets. This is accomplished while guaranteeing compliance with the local and national data security and environmental regulations.”

Some general info on certified data destruction and disposal

Certified data destruction is important to guarantee the redeployment, end-of-rent, resale or removal of IT equipment is conducted in compliance with security and regulatory necessities. The N-1 proprietary information destruction procedure can be executed on or off-site and exceeds the Department of Defense standards (1x, 3x, 5x, or 7x overwrite). Each piece of equipment is separately handled, audited, and tried and upon effective affirmation, a certificate of data destruction, fundamental for compliance reporting, is given.

Where profoundly delicate or end-of-life gear is concerned with asset management firms – Asset Management and Disposal use incredibly thorough destruction forms. These procedures may include the degaussing as well as destroying disks and components.

Following complete destruction of materials, a certificate of data disposal is given for compliance reporting purposes. Asset Management and Disposal Dallas discard every waste material in an environmentally mindful way as per EPA rules.

What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)?

ITAD, or IT resource disposition, is the safe, regulatory-compliant processing of used electronic business gear such as,

  • Pcs and Servers
  • Storage Devices
  • Digital Printers
  • Video Displays
  • Handheld Devices

Core ITAD processes include data eradication and value recovery or reusing. These procedures are frequently undertaken by IT staff, or by different sorts of third-party IT service providers, some of which spend specialize time in ITAD.

Typical ITAD clients are businesses, firms, and institutions that are subject to regulatory compliance, require secure treatment of private/sensitive data and want money related recovery of the value of utilized assets. Bigger companies commonly require a centralized way of managing the process across expansive geographic and authoritative partitions, regularly including profoundly transparent compliance reporting and financial analytics.

The top echelon of outsider ITAD specialist organizations guarantees that all information stored on gear is destroyed while securing most extreme resource resale values where conceivable. Recycling used Electronics strategies (for unmarketable IT resources) must follow every pertinent law and guidelines and should decrease the negative environmental effect.

For what reason is it critical?

Because any association’s most important asset is its notoriety.

  • Improperly used, unwanted or old electronic business devices are effortlessly traced or exploited and can prompt incidents that may be embarrassing or compromising to the organization, just as legitimate procedures.
  • The unintended disclosure of private client data or business info can erode public trust in any organization.
  • Even information-free gear can damage an organization’s notoriety if it damages the environment.
  • Decentralized or improvised asset retirement techniques won’t alleviate these dangers.


So, asset management and disposal of used electronics in Dallas is a necessary process at the present time. We need to take serious actions and start recycling electronics such as recycle used MacBook and other electronics. For recycling purpose, you can visit LaptopZone, the best and reliable shop in Dallas that helps to make the environment better. The services and process of LaptopZone is the fastest, safest and easiest so you can visit us or make a call to get an instant quote for recycling.

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