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Best SEO Strategies for Startups

Best SEO Strategy
Introducing a website to the public can be a huge challenge, especially if there are many others offering the same product as yours. However, some startups still manage to attract a massive audience and beat their competition.

The Internet provides a level playing field for all sites, even new ones. Thus, if you are hoping to get your new website to the top searches, you need to have top-rate marketing skills. You can get ahead by adopting the following SEO strategies:

Use High-Ranking Keywords

If you use keywords wisely, rest assured that your website will have an impressive SEO ranking performance. The first thing you need to do is determine the relevant keywords for your content. Think about what your potential audience is likely to type in their searches.

However, you need to keep in mind that your content has to appear sensible if you want to maintain relevancy for the search engine crawler. Therefore, when you find the right keywords, make sure you are not stuffing keywords everywhere.

To determine the keywords to use, you need to make use of SEO tools. Find a tool that has access to a wide range of keywords and help you understand what are the right keywords for your business. However, websites that are bigger players will charge you to use their SEO tools. Thus, if you are skeptical about spending money on a site that does not guarantee you any earnings, you may want to spend the least amount possible.

One low-cost and effective SEO tool that will help you find the right keywords is LeadMirror.  This tool gives you an overview of the performance of your keywords. You can get information on the keywords that boosted your website SEO and those that failed you. Furthermore, LeadMirror gives you a clear picture of your competitor’s marketing strategies.
Use High Ranking Keywords
The keyword analysis tool in LeadMirror allows you to get information on your keyword performance over weeks, months, or even a year. Therefore you can keep using the tool as your website continues to grow and find ways to stay ahead of your competition.

Use In-Page Optimization

Once you have set up your website and uploaded content, you can still make meta changes to improve your SEO. In-page optimization gives you a chance to fix the issues with your site that hinder search engines from the successful interpretation of your content.

In your search for the right In-page optimization site, you should consider the information you stand to gain. If you are to achieve significant success in making your startup website a top search, you need a comprehensive overview of your website SEO performance.

With LeadMirror, you can get sufficient information to help you change every aspect of your SEO strategy that is preventing your website from beating its competition. The tool will show you the performance of your metadata as well as heading tags. Furthermore, the tool shows the weaknesses within your site and indicates its overall SEO score.
Use In-Page Optimization

Take Advantage of the Link-Sense Tool

Although improving the content on your website can go a long way, still it is not enough to make your site a top-performer. You need to apply highly effective link building strategies. The best way to achieve this is through the use of Link-Sense.

Link-sense is a link building tool features that allow you to build smart link building for quicker growth in the credibility of your website. This feature will get you all quality link sources where you can create your backlink. Furthermore, once you have created your link, you can use Link-sense to track and determine its performance.

You can enjoy Link-Sense services through LeadMirror. This website will guide you by providing all the link-related information on your website. You can find out the number of external and internal links you have on your site. Furthermore, LeadMirror shows the total backlinks on your site as well as its page and domain authority scores.
Link-Sense Tool

Choose Your SEO Tools Wisely

The best-performing websites take advantage of every tool that the Internet offers and use them to their advantage. Fortunately, your website has the potential to be one of the best as well. All you need are the right tools for SEO.

Some websites only offer some of the tools you need to perfect your website SEO. Hence, you may end up using more than one site, which can be quite inconvenient. It may be more prudent to look for one website like LeadMirror which can offer all-inclusive SEO services.

It is not uncommon for startup website owners to have doubts about spending on SEO tools. However, you need help from these tools if you want to improve your chances of getting your website to the front page of search engines. You do not have to worry about incurring huge expenses, though. LeadMirror offers its services from as low as $12.75.
Author- Gladys Nyokabi
Gladys Nyokabi is an SEO writer with a marketing background and expertise in informative content and press releases. She has provided ghost writing services on a variety of niches, her favorite being marketing and technology. Her writing is inspired by her need to create awareness on trending factors and her interest in the dynamic nature of technology.

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