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Best Hotstar Downloaders

Those situations are so annoying or frustrating when you like any video on a streaming site like Hotstar but you are unable to stream it. The reason is the instability of your internet connection that you are not able to stream videos smoothly.

Technology has become so advanced that there is a solution to almost every problem. And here we are with a solution to help you out download as many Hotstar videos as you want.

Best Hotstar Downloaders

  • InsTube

InsTube is the first one on the list that offers great user-interface and simple navigation platform for users. Through this platform, you can download any web series, movies, TV shows, or cartoons for free. All you have to do is follow simple steps. Let us see how to download Hotstar videos from InsTube.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is open Hotstar on this platform.

Then find out the movie or video you are looking to download.

Once you’ve selected the movie, you will see several video quality options to download.

Click the one you like and hit the download button. You are done.

  • VideoSniffer

Second, on the list is VideoSniffer. It is a bit different from the one discussed above. One thing in common with InsTube is that this one also has a very simple user interface. VideoSniffer is quite easy to use as you only need to copy the link of Hotstar video you are streaming and paste it in the download bar of this site. Then hit the download button and you’ll receive download links in no time.

  • BitDownloader

This is also another platform where you can get your favorite Hotstar videos downloaded for free. What else you can look for except getting movies or web series for free that are actually paid on their original platform. BitDownloader is also known to have a basic user interface. This means even a person with minimum internet knowledge can download Hotstar videos from this site.

Copy the link of the Hotstar video you want to download and then paste it in the download bar of BitDownloader and hit the download button.

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  • net

Insert the Hotstar video link in the bar provided and click the download button, that’s how simple it is to use It offers a great platform from where you can get your favorite TV shows & web series downloaded without buying the service of Hotstar premium. Besides, you can also select from high-quality HD to 3GP video qualities.

  • Ace Thinker

It is also one of the most loved free video downloading tools that are used online. This platform is available for PC and you can use it on your smartphone as well. Plus for ease of use, you can also download its application. So with this tool, you are always on board and can quickly get your favorite videos saved in the system’s memory.

Don’t worry about the process; it is as simple as you’ve read above. This is only a three-step process that includes copying of video URL, pasting it in the downloading bar, and then hit the download button.

While using it on PC, you don’t have to worry about the browser as Ace Thinker supports most web browsers.

These are some of the top applications/websites that allow users to download any movie, web series, TV show, or even cartoons for free. This means that you don’t have to spend a single penny to get access. Besides, these platforms also give you the liberty to choose between various video formats and qualities. It is more than enough that a free site can offer to its visitors.

The last say

Technologists never forget to amaze us with their tech-savvy approaches and innovations. They perfectly know that not all can afford subscriptions of online streaming applications & websites. That’s why they always come up with an alternative that we can try. Similarly, we have found some of the best Hotstar downloaders that you can try to get your favorite Hotstar content in your phone’s or PC’s memory.

Not only these above-mentioned sites are easily accessible but they also have a simple & interactive user-interface. Thus, anyone with basic internet knowledge can use them without any difficulty.

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