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Benefits Of Using Custom Android Launchers

Custom Android Launchers

There are a lot of ways that you can adapt to customize your android home screen decently. Android developers can design their apps to replace the home screen. Custom android launchers have a major focus on providing you with the choices of home screen icons and themes. These launchers can simply replace your whole home screen by changing the app icons. These are specifically responsible for updating the organization and look of the icons placed on the home screen. They can help you in modifying the graphical effects and categorization of the installed apps in a particular order. There are several benefits of using the custom android launchers on your phones that can amaze you. Let’s have a look at major ones:

  • Playing with the home screen:

After you have installed the custom android launcher in your android phone, tapping the home button will be popping up an app chooser on screen. You can select your latest home screen and you need to tap just once for using that home screen once or tap always to make it your default home screen that will appear whenever you will tap the home button

  • Sort your app drawer by app category:

You can easily categorize your apps in the app drawer depending on the nature of your apps like internet, games, communication, media, settings, and utilities. More interestingly, you can also hide or protect your specific apps by password, date of use, sorted by the name and by the order of installation.

  • Offering you with quick access:

These app launchers also provide you with the quick search accessibility by sliding your finger down the screen. By long-pressing the home screen of your mobile, the entire settings menu will appear on the screen. By default, the home page of your mobile will display the most recent notification.

  • Huge variety of themes for your mobile:

You are also provided with a huge variety of themes wallpapers to choose from for your mobile screen. As these aspects play an immense role in the appearance of your mobile screen, therefore, you will be amazed by the huge collection of over 10,000 themes and ideal wallpapers.

  • Provides you with efficiency and simplicity:

Custom launchers are one of the most minimalist and modern launchers. These apps help you in having direct access to around 8 of your favorite apps. Moreover, it also makes your android phone’s overall performance smooth and efficient. The most interesting factor is that custom launchers are listed as the fastest android launchers for slow phones because they also play a role in enhancing the speed and performance of the phone.

Final thoughts:

Custom launchers are very supportive and useful in providing you with a variety of options and choices to modify the home screen of your android phone and make it an interesting one. You can choose any wallpaper from the mighty collection of ideal wallpapers and themes. These launchers are ideal in enhancing the performance and appearance of your home screen.

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