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Beard Wash – 5 Things You Need to Know

Once you have decided to have a beard, you might be wondering how to get a healthy facial hair look. While growing beard is more comfortable for many men, maintaining healthy facial hair is not an easy task. Despite any beard style you pick for yourself, one of the essential things that men usually neglect is facial hair maintenance, including regular beard wash and conditioning.

If you’re confused about beard wash and maintenance, here are the five critical things that you must know about getting stunning facial hair: 

  1. Prepare Your Beard

Washing your beard with a beard wash is not like cleaning your body. It would help if you prepared your beard properly before washing your facial hair. First, you need to rinse your beard with clean water to make facial hair soft for properly cleansing it using a beard shampoo.

  1. Use Natural Beard Wash

When picking a beard wash for your facial hair, it’s best to choose the one that’s sulphate-free and contains natural ingredients, including premium essential oils. Containing the goodness of natural essential oils, natural beard shampoos can clean your beard without taking off natural oils from your facial hair and skin.

Good natural beard wash or shampoo is specifically designed to work well with your beard. It offers cleansing foam that’s gentle on your face but also can handle coarse, thicker and dense beard hair. Since it will not strip away the natural face oils, you’d require less beard oil after washing your beard and to keep it healthy and moisturised. It will result in saving your time and money in the long run. Plus, you’ll attain a softer and supple-looking beard.

  1. How Often to Use a Beard Wash/Shampoo

A good quality natural beard wash is gentle on hair and skin. So, you can even use it daily for cleaning your beard without damaging it. The beard cleaning routine also depends on how dirty your beard gets daily. For those who work indoors, there is no need to wash their beard daily. But those who have to cover a long distance for work must wash their beard with natural beard shampoo and warm or cold water. However, try to avoid using hot water for washing your beard, or it could damage the facial hair cuticles.

  1. Keep beard hydrated after wash

After washing your beard, it’s essential to use natural beard oil on it for conditioning and keeping it shiny. The best facial hair oils contain natural ingredients and premium essential oils to maintain hair follicles, moisturise the skin underneath the beard and also prevent flakiness and itchiness.

 How to use beard oil:

  • Pour a few drops of beard oil into your hands.
  • Massage it gently onto the base of your facial hair on the skin underneath. 
  • Make sure that your fingertips gently massage the hair tips of the beard to evenly spread the oil all over the beard and underlying skin.
  • You must apply beard oil at least once per day in the dry winter season. And, in humid climates, you can use it 2 to 3 times a week.
  1. Groom your beard and neckline

 Keep the facial hair, as well as hair on neckline, well-groomed by proper trimming. It would help if you trimmed your beard regularly to keep it looking healthy and well maintained. It’s best to cut it using scissors rather than trimmers. It is because trimmers can cause split ends, whereas scissors let you fine-tune the shape of your beard without getting any split ends.

It is suggested to trim your beard every few weeks to snip off those uneven patches, and loose ends or split ends. The most important thing to consider is to follow your natural face contour. Make sure you trim it in uniform length. After that, also brush your beard with a special beard comb to see whether loose hairs need more trimming or not. 

 Following this beardd wash and aftercare routine, you are guaranteed to get a clean and healthy beard within a few weeks. However, never neglect taking care of your facial hair; otherwise, it could become worse in no time. 

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