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Be Green with the Indycult Green Range products

Handmade products are symbols of freedom to express and involve oneself in the utmost creative way imaginable. Handicrafts express one’s tradition, history, culture, emotion, and great artistic expertise. In this era where all goods are readymade using powered machines, these creative handmade products are extraordinary and unique which reminds us of our human nature and origin. Handicrafts are the artists’ imagination that comes to life through his own hands. These skills are passed through generations of artistic workmanship. It is crucial to support this vivid creativity and take pride in our heritage.

We at Indycult value the skill, care, and patience of the talented artists that are given to master and make these creative handmade products. We feel grateful to join in this journey to value the creative essence of molding nature’s gifts into pleasing artistic pieces.

These products are all hand-made and thus produce no harmful wastes in the environment. The industrialization has increased several manifolds in the last decades but has brought with it a huge amount of waste production, ruining the beauty and health of Mother Nature. Several forms of life have gone extinct due to the increased production of goods that emit poisonous waste products into the environment. Extensive pollution is destroying our Earth.

We believe in Recycling and Reuse and our products show our motive of adopting the greener way of living. We are constantly trying to recycle and reuse every waste product. Indycultis a handmade art studio that provides a wide range of products made with recyclable products hence managing waste properly. Our products include a lot of reused products. The artists’ creativity blends in with the beauty of these products, structuring all unique products to decorate your homes.

Paper being the most used material in the world in day to day life, once its use is over it becomes a waste. Hundreds of trees are cut every week to make paper worldwide. We wanted to reuse this abundantly available material. We have a variety of handmade paper products such as Pendant Lamps, Posters, beautiful decorative table pieces, candle chimneys, photo frames, etc. Paper Mache products are strong and sturdy and we use this technique to make all our products.

Help us to restore the earth’s greenery and reduce this extensive pollution.Indycult has taken the initiative to plant trees on every purchase on behalf of our customers on their names. If not now, there is not going to be a better day tomorrow to take steps to stop our Earth from dying.

We also provide alternatives to customize and get orders from our customers. Great ideas can originate from anywhere and we are open to all the suggestions and ideas our users give it to us to develop new recycled products. Design your homes with the earthen crafts or the recycled paper crafts to give your home the exceptional look you want.

These creative handmade paper products are beautiful, vibrant and most importantly they are environment-friendly.

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