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Bathroom Refinishing-A Miracle To Change The Outlook Of The Bathroom

No doubt, your bathroom is the place where deadly germs are transmitted to you. That’s why we must pay attention to maintain the hygiene of the bathroom. Whenever you go for bathroom refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing comes on the top. This the most common approach used to give a brand new look to bathroom tubs, countertops, kitchen cabinets, and floor tiles. There are several ways to perform bathroom refinishing. You can do it yourself as well but it will less effective as compared to professional services. The process of spraying, top coating, and reglazing always need technical support that can be done with the assistance of professional team members.

Being a professional tailor and housewife, 2019 was the most challenging year for me. I was very busy throughout the year. There were many local fashion shows in Canada for which I was preparing. Moreover, I have two children. I have to look after them as well. That’s why I could not pay much attention to clean my house. There were some other reasons too. The weather was too cold that made grime and grease particles difficult to remove from the surface. It resulted in stubborn spots that were not looking good at all. I was worried about then I came through the idea of bathroom refinishing and bathtub reglazing services.

The professional contractors came and examined my bathtub. They provided me a satisfied and affordable approach to perform bathtub refinishing. In the first step, they removed all drains that help for quick adhesion of the coating on the surface of the bathtub. Now came the nicks, cracks, and chips to be filled properly. The experienced team members used high-quality polyester putty to fill them properly to generate a smooth surface. It took a few hours to get dried. Once it was dried, they peeled off the old coating of the bathtub to create a smooth surface. The reputable contractors from used acid etching and sanding method to remove the old coating. The non-porous alternatives of this treatment are porcelain, enamel, or fiberglass.

Before spraying, the contractors masked the rest of the area of my bathroom where spray could cause damage. They set up an exhaust system to winnow fumes formed from spraying. Though the chemicals used for spraying are considered to be toxic and flammable, the professional contractors did it very skillfully. The contactors primed the surface with one layer. When it was dried, they applied another layer. By following this procedure they applied almost 4 to 5 layers of primer. It generated a durable and long-lasting covering. Then, 3 to 4 layers of topcoat were applied on the bathtub that restored the shine and gave a radiant look to the bathroom. Each topcoat layer was approximately 5 mm in thickness. Thanks to bathtub refinishing and bathtub reglazing services that solved my problem in just a few hours. This fine and even refinishing process gave a contemporary look to my bathroom. Meanwhile, I opted for a different color instead of the white that added beauty to the bathroom.

The customized and durable resinous flooring which is decorative and resistant to damage is known as epoxy flooring. It looks attractive and lasts for more than 15 years. The floor of the home was also not looking good because of damages and cracks. I decided to go for epoxy flooring services in Toronto with eye-catching colors. It helped me with the quick cleaning of the floor. Now I can leave my toddler daughter on the floor because no germs are transmitted from thefloor.

I contacted to perform this task. They provided me with experienced contractors that started their work from site preparation. The site preparation is a crucial stage because it ensures the quick and durable adhesion betweenthe epoxy products and the floor. They used sanding and diamond grinding methods for the preparation of the surface. There were grease and oil spills on the floor. They used chemicals to remove them properly prior to preparing the site. Before the application of primer on the surface, the high throughput industrial vacuums were used to trap all dust particles. Even tiny dust particles were removed from all corners. This is necessary because dust particles decrease the efficiency of primer to attach on the surface.

The process of priming has two basic advantages: first, it increases the capacity of epoxy resins to bind with floor and second it eliminates the risk of bubble or gas formation. Then two coats of primer were applied on the surface. With the help of diamond cutter, thin cracks and grouts were filled. The several layers of epoxy paint were applied with the help of rollers. It was left to dry and the final coat was applied. I appreciate the efforts of epoxy flooring services in Toronto.

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