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Basic Gears for Horseback Riding

Just like other sports, horseback riding also requires lots of safety gears to keep the riders safe especially during accidents. There are lots of brands out there offering great gears for this sport. However, you don’t need to get everything in order to get started with horseback riding. You just need to prioritize these basic gears and you’re good to go.

Riding Pants

Riding pants are designed differently from pants we wear on regular days. Pants used for horseback riding have no seams on the inside part of the legs and has materials that improve grip on the knee part. Riding pants come in different names such as jodhpurs or breeches. The main purpose of this type of pants is to keep the rider safe while on the horse and to help improve grip while riding the horse.


Close toed leather boots are recommended to be used when horseback riding. Aside from its durability, it keeps the rider’s foot safe and protected while riding the horse. The most popular style is an ankle boot with one-inch heel. It is comfortable to wear while riding plus the heel helps keep your foot on the stirrup to maintain your balance. Check out this collection of high quality and durable Ariat boots perfect for both beginners and professional horseback riders.

ariat boots

Image Source: Unsplash


Whether you’re still a beginner or already a pro horseback rider, wearing riding gloves is still essential for better riding experience. Holding the reins with bare hands is uncomfortable for most people. It can be painful especially when the reins are still new and haven’t softened yet. When your hands get sweaty, it becomes harder to maintain a good grip on the reins. Wearing gloves protects your hands and solves these issues. The palm side is also made from a sticky material that helps you keep a strong grip for a longer time.


There are no specifications when it comes to riding shirts. In fact, you can actually wear any shirt you want as long as it is made from breathable fabric and its fit doesn’t restrict your movement. You can wear shirt, sweater or jacket depending on the weather. Pick ones that matches the colour scheme of your riding pants to make it more beautiful to look at.

Safety Gears

Accidents can happen anytime that’s why wearing safety gears while horseback riding is essential to keep you safe. A helmet is the most basic safety gear riders should wear to protect their head in case of a fall. If you’re still practicing, you can ask the instructor whether they provide helmets on the site or you need to bring your own.

Safety vest is next to helmet when it comes to keeping the rider safe. It protects the vital organs during a fall especially when you’re still practicing. It also helps protect your rib cage in case of heavier falls.

There’s no need to be stressed out when planning to try out horseback riding. As long as you already have these essential gears, you can now practice and ride safely.

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