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Baku And Azerbaijan Travel Guide – Journey Through The Baku City Tour

Baku, the Capital of Azerbaijan is an ultimate undiscovered tourist destination. It is a beautiful blend of the exhilarating mix of the Ancient Asian cultures and the oil-driven progress. It has a strong culture of hospitality.  Baku is one of the favorite touristy destinations for tourists because of many reasons like low crime rate, Mediterranean climate, the local hospitality, the mouth-watering delicacies, and beautiful locations. Baku has everything that one looks for when planning a vacation. People can do many things in Baku and enjoy the time there.

 Why visit the Baku?

There are many reasons for visiting this beautiful destination. Some of the major reasons for visiting the Baku are listed below:

Value for money

Baku is not very expensive and is very affordable. One can get accommodation and transportation at a very low cost. The local transport is cheap and one can save a lot of money when in Baku.  The best thing one can do is to book baku tour packages for more affordable deals.


Baku is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world. Not many people know about this beautiful place so tourists rate and the number is very low as compared to other tourists’ destination.  The local people of Baku are very friendly and gentle. They will greet the tourists and will, also help the tourists in managing the things there. They are great hosts.

Old city

Baku’s old city, a UNESCO heritage site is beautiful and it offers incredible insights into the time and lives of b the people living in the Baku in 12 to 16th century. The old city is popularly known as the Icheri Sheher. One can discover the place on their own or they can book a tour guide for help.

Flame towers

One should never miss out on the famous flame towers when in Baku. The flame towers are the three skyscrapers that mimic the mesmerizing movements of flames with the LEDs. The towers are lit up when it dark, it means at the night time and they look fantastic and give visitors the amazing snaps for their memories and social media profile.

Explore the fire temples

Located in the suburbs of the Surakhany in Baku the Ateshgah Fire temple was considered very pure and sacred by the Hindu pilgrims and the fire worshipping Zoroastrians who traveled to worship there. The temple was constructed to incorporate the seven holes with the burning flames. The temple is now transformed into a museum with striking wax figures of pilgrims displayed in the monk cells.

 Visit markets

The local market is one of the best places to shop and one of the best methods to explore the place. One should never miss visiting the market located in the city as it has a lot of o0t offers to the tourists. One can get a beautiful souvenir and buy the local art and style of the place. The colorful market is so pleasing and attractive and gives one a great hint of the culture.


The Azerbaijanis delicacies are mouth-watering and one of its kind. The traditional food is must try. Sit in some soothing restaurant enjoy the place, ambiance and the meal at verrry low cost. The food is fresh and flavorful. One can get the best desserts in Baku as Azerbaijanis love the deserts.

Baku is becoming popular among tourists. In the last decade, the number of tourists has increased. The place is full of tourist attractions. The wonderful hospitality, the cultural places, the market, and the mouth-watering delicacies are everything one should look for when in Baku. One can enjoy and feel relaxed when they choose the tours in baku.

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