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Baby Clothing Essentials for New Parents

Baby clothing
Image Source: Pixabay

Aside from feeding and diapering essentials, baby clothes are an essential for every parent. Choosing the right type and number of clothes can be overwhelming, especially with all those cute outfits on display. For new parents, there are only few pieces of clothing that your baby needs during his first few weeks outside the womb. To make shopping less daunting, here are the basic baby clothes you’ll need to prepare before the big day.


Bodysuits and onesies are a popular pick among parents because of its convenient design. It opens at the crotch part, making diaper changes a lot easier since you don’t need to take off the garment at all. For newborns, kimono style bodysuits are great since they open in front making umbilical cord care more convenient. Since newborns grow fast in just a few days, it is recommended that you choose baby clothing sized 3-6 months so your baby won’t outgrow them quick.

Baby clothing

Image Source: Unsplash


Your little one will spend their first few weeks outside mostly sleeping so it is important to choose comfortable sleepwear to help them sleep better. The type of sleepwear you have to prepare varies depending on what season your baby will be born. For babies born during summer months, choose sleepwear made from light fabrics such as thin cotton pyjamas, booties or bag sleepers. For winter babies, opt for warmer and thicker sleepwear such as footy pyjamas.

Hats, Socks and Shoes

These three helps keep baby protected from too much sunlight and cold temperatures when going out. Choose soft-soled slip on shoes as baby’s first footwear because they keep those little feet warm and are comfortable to wear. Don’t forget to put on soft cotton socks on your baby’s feet especially when going out on a cold weather. To protect their heads from heat or cold, don’t forget to let your little one wear a sun hat, a beanie, or a baby cap.


Babies are still learning to adapt to the different temperature outside the womb. They are used to the comfortable warmth after staying inside mom’s womb for months so it’s normal for them to feel uncomfortable with the temperature change outside. Dressing baby in layers is important to keep them comfortable all the time, especially when going out. For cooler weather, choose thicker outerwear such as sweatshirts to give extra warmth. For warmer weather, pick lighter outerwear such as a cotton jacket to avoid baby from overheating.

Daily Wear

Your baby will be spending most his first weeks at home. Having a stock of baby daily wear is definitely useful. Pick designs that don’t require pulling clothes over your baby’s head to make dressing and cleaning a lot easier. Items such as tie-sides, bodysuits and side-snap shirts are the most popular pick for infant daily wear.

Shopping for baby clothes is exciting yet challenging at the same time. There are lots of styles and designs to choose from you’ll easily get confused which one to get. With this guide, baby shopping is made much convenient even for first-time parents.

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