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Fat distribution patterns in the human body

Obesity is bad for health. But is all obesity the same? No, it’s not. It affects every individual’s body differently. Every person’s fat distribution has different patterns. The risks associated with fat are also different as a result.

Nowadays, it is an important area of study among researchers as they are keen on making comparisons of fat distribution conditions as well as the ways of treating those fat deposits.

This article aims to introduce you to the two main fat distribution patterns prevalent around the world.

Fat distribution patterns in the human body

Fat distribution patterns in the human body

First thing’s first: The human body stores fat. But the way your body stores fat varies. Some people have android fat distribution patterns while others have gynoid distribution. What these types look like and how to deal with the, is explained below for your ease:

1. What is android body fat?

Android refers to the upper half of the body, i.e., basically above the waistline. In android fat distribution, arms, stomach, and waist have fatty deposits around them. These make the upper body look broader than the lower half of your body.

The distribution of fat in this pattern is seen around the trunk and abdomen. Those portraying android fat distribution will have an apple-shaped body structure. It is common for males, besides women in the post-menopausal stage.

2. How Harmful is android body fat?

The risks and harms related to upper body fat are still debatable despite the extensive research in the area. Android fat is stored viscerally more than in a subcutaneous form. It can prove detrimental for the blood flow in your body and may restrict the normal level of ease of flow.

This may also lead to an increased risk of heart diseases. In severe conditions, it can lead to a leakage of fat cells to your bloodstream, which may prove detrimental to your circulatory system as well as cardiac health.

3. How to lose it?

There are exercises specifically meant for upper body fat loss.  You need to reduce your caloric intake. The prime cause of fat accumulation nh8man body is the excessive intake of calories as compared to the calories you burn every day. LPG Android treatment is one solution that technology has to offer for people with android fat distribution in their bodies.

4. What is gynoid body fat?

Gynoid, as the name indicates, is the fat distribution mainly associated with female hormones. The key affected areas are hips, legs, and buttocks. This kind of fat distribution makes your body shape appear like a pear. It is typical to females and is stored sub-cutaneously. It is stored above the muscles and right under the skin.

5. How harmful is gynoid fat?

Gynoid does not have any detrimental health impacts. This kind of fat is associated with female hormones and is thus common among women in normal conditions.

6. How to lose it?

Exercises like step-ups and a general increase in activity levels can help reduce the wobbly effect that women face due to gynoid fat. Strength training is another effective solution for it.

If you are still failing to see the results, you can indulge in the technology-driven fat burning solutions like people in the UAE are opting for. If you live there, you can also get in touch with clinics for the Best fat burners available in Dubai to get LPG gynoid treatment and get rid of fat within a few 30-minute sessions.

Does your body fat stress you out?

It is totally logical to be stressed about your body weight. In fact, if that is your primary reason for concern in life, you are on the right path for a high-quality life. You just need to identify the fat distribution type that your body is welcoming. You also need to identify the kind of fat cells your body is developing.

Once you have done that, you where to look for help. Fix the problems in your diet. Elevate the level of your physical activity.  These two are the timeless ingredients that always work for you if you are persistent. Make your health your priority now. Here’s to a healthier and happier life now onwards!

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