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An Ultimate Guide To Hybrid Napier Grass CO5

Napier grass is tall leafy grass that is very similar to bamboo in terms of looks and it also makes for good fodder for the cattle. This is something that grows abundantly in subtropical climates and is native to the African continent. However, the natural Napier grass has a very coarse texture, with leaf blades that are very hairy. The leaves are serrated, dry with fibrous stems. Thus, in its natural form, this is not suitable for the cattle.

However, scientists have created a hybrid Napier grass with the natural Napier plant and Bajra plant. This hybrid plant is known as Napier CO5 and is useful as a cattle feed. Good cattle feed is essential to meet the high demand for milk production.

This article is a good guide to hybrid Napier Grass CO5, it explains how to grow Napier CO5 from root slips and the many benefits of doing so.

Common Issues for Dairy Farmers

Dairy farmers face many issues that result in a decrease in overall milk production. One of the reasons for this is that cattle rearing is declining since dairy farmers are unable to afford the high cost of production of cattle feed, shortage of labor and small land area. Good cattle feed in large amounts is very important to maintain a healthy number of cattle and in turn, have a large production of milk.

Benefits of using Hybrid Napier Grass CO5

There are many advantages of using this as listed here:

  • This type of hybrid grass is both resistant to pest as well as drought.
  • It is very useful when it comes to preventing erosion of soil.
  • This grass grows very fast and is fully eco-friendly.
  • It is space-saving and high yielding too.
  • This is considered to have the highest crude protein aggregate.
  • Cattle prefer the lush green leaves which are broader and soft.
  • This is rich in water-soluble carbohydrates.
  • Easy digestible and helps cattle absorb all essential nutrients. It has a lower percentage of indigestible crude fiber content.
  • It is free from pests and fungus.
  • You can be assured of a year-round supply of cattle feed.
  • It is also optimal for lactating cattle and helps increase the production of milk.
  • It helps better growth in animals like goats and sheep.

Growing Napier Grass from Root Slips

This is a very straight forward process that is easy to master too. The slip planting process is as follows:

  • The slips are first cut at the ground level along with the root structure.
  • Take care there is no growth on slips you cut from the ground.
  • The slips can be up to 2 inches long.
  • The root structure is planted at a new field and covered with soil.

There are many benefits of planting with the slip method. This involves cutting from the root of the plant and planting in new fields. The advantage is that it does not take long for the grass to multiply since it is established faster. Napier CO5 from root slips can grow up to 3 meters tall in just 3 months. Since some hybrid versions lack seeds, this method is highly beneficial, especially when expanding to new fields.

Benefits of using Root Slips for planting:

  • Napier Grass CO5 grown in this method is highly resistant to pests and diseases.
  • It is an optimal method of growing this plant in an organic way without the use of pesticides. These plants will be immune to bacteria, viruses, and pests.
  • The plants are usually stronger and healthier.
  • It helps you increase the level of productivity and helps with slower aging.

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