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An Apple Cider Vinegar for Your Overall Health

Apple Cider Vinegar has been quite popular among the health community for many years. People have been using it for so long in cooking for taste without knowing the several benefits it offers.

As an old saying goes, an apple keeps a doctor far away, just like that it is not an exaggeration if we say, and an apple vinegar keeps the diseases far away. Being inspired by the ancient knowledge of folk remedy, science has supported many benefits of ACV.

Though ACV has several benefits, it is no denying that it has several side effects if not taken under proper safety measures. Before taking Apple Cider Vinegar to make sure acid level increases will not impact your body in a negative way like teeth & bone strength loss.

Before going to the benefits and side effects of ACV, let’s know the best features it has.

Best Apple Cider Vinegar

With the increasing popularity of ACV benefits, chances of counterfeit products have increased.  Many new brands have launched their apple vinegar in the market that makes it tough to choose the best among these various options on the shelf. Keep the below points in mind before purchasing it.

  • Ingredients from their natural habitats
  • Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and Mother of Vinegar
  • The best source of apples like Himalayan apples
  • High quality of acetic acids, ranges between 4-5% acidity
  • ACV should be from the leading brands
  • A higher price doesn’t guarantee the best ACV. So, an apple cider vinegar price should fall under your budget.

You can also find filtered and without mother vinegar. You have to decide which one is better for you.

Why Choose Apple Cider Vinegar As Your Health Partner?

You can include ACV in your diet whether you are underweight management regime or not as it offers several health benefits like:

  • Improve Digestion: ACV increases the pH level in the stomach and helps to break protein by producing more pepsin. If you drink one or two spoons of ACVs before eating foods, it will help to produce the enzymes which aid in digestion.
  • Weight management: It increases the feelings of fullness thus you’re eating amount stays in the bay. You can drink it in the water or use it in salad dressing.
  • Helps in Woman’s health: Females who have found an abnormality in their menstrual cycles can be benefitted from drinking ACV for 3 months. It controls high levels of androgen hormones, insulin resistance, and ovarian cysts. In this way, apple cider vinegar is quite helpful in managing hormonal change. Drink one tablespoon of ACVs with 100 ml of water daily for 3 months to get the best result.
  • Apple cider vinegar cost: ACV is one of the best supplements to anchor your various fitness goals at an affordable price. So, choose ACV as your pocket-friendly health partner.
  • Other benefits: It fights against free radicals and bad cholesterol by increasing immunity. It promotes heart health and helps the liver to function smoothly.

Does Apple cider vinegar have any side effects and How to avoid these?

Although incorporating apple cider vinegar in your diet offers you plenty of benefits and is quite safe to consume, there is no denying that it also carries some side effects to some people.

  • Regular use of vinegar may damage teeth enamels as it consists of a high level of acidity. To avoid this, you should rinse your mouth with water after drinking it.
  • Drinking a large amount of it for a long time lowers blood potassium level and leads to bone loss. To avoid it, you must curb its usage for a long time.

 There are many other usages of Apple cider vinegar from improving skin & hair, cleaning, cooking, and many more. So, make Apple cider vinegar your health partner to fight against the diseases.


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