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All You Need To Know About NH Lawyers

The NH lawyers’ team’s entire emphasis is on helping good people go through bad situations, mostly for the first and only time in their lives. In 1999, Jonathan and Andrew both began practicing as public defenders, each defending hundreds of criminal cases for people who couldn’t afford a lawyer. Job related to this culture as it builds connections. Earlier, they joined in 2009, offering committed programs to their neighborhood and across the province.

NH lawyers have brought together a crackerjack team of lawyers and experts from New Hampshire, committed to a goal of high-quality legal work with real people. It involves lawyer Elroy Sequeira, who gained significant trial experience as a Minneapolis public defender since entering the company.

There are many law firms in Bedford, Nc, Portsmouth, Ma, and NH. Who separates Cohen & Winters?

We represent the people and not the businesses, Andrew said. That was a conscious move. While we had the opportunity to practice corporate law, making large sums of money paying hours with faceless firms, none of us was satisfied. We all work as a team, “Jon says. We maintain the principle that’ the whole is larger than the sum of our pieces. Nobody has an ego here. They want the job done. This ideology sets us apart. If you or a loved one wants a legal battle, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. We are here to help.

Jonathan Cohen and Andrew Winters met in Concord back in the summer of 1999 while they were training for the Bar and soon made a connection. Both were new-to-area transplants–Jon from western Massachusetts and Andrew from Washington, D.C. suburbs. Both were preparing for their new positions as staff lawyers at the New Hampshire Public Defender, which was scheduled to start soon after they finished the bar exam. We are also expressing love for working to secure fairness for the poor and the destitute.

Cohen and Winters left the public defender’s heavy caseloads to get into private practice after several years.

Everyone worked for other law firms to learn the skills necessary for civil litigation. They reconnected in 2009, becoming Cohen & Winters. While both are currently familiar with many criminal defense litigations in state and federal courts, a significant part of their career is now also committed to dealing with family law and personal injury problems. Cohen and Winters have experienced trial lawyers and typically have more courtroom experience than the prosecutors against whom they stand.

An accusation is a very potent thing. NH lawyers have successfully defended individuals accused of a range of criminal charges from simple assault through first-degree murder:

If the carelessness of another human has hurt you or a loved one, you are probably scared and unsure where to switch, and who you can trust to support. You may have received severe injuries, receive extensive medical care, and under constant pain. You will neglect jobs, be unable to provide for your children and be full of anxiety about what the future holds.

NH lawyers counsel will stick by you throughout, and ensure you get the maximum amount of redress and restitution permitted by law.

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