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Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Wiring

Electric Wiring
Electric Wiring

Everyone wants his/ her house to be perfect in all respects. This means that at least the basic services that a house should have should be present there. There are many things that people need to do after building home and during their house is being build. Some of these things are:

  • Interior
  • Washroom
  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Proper wiring

Among all these proper electrical wiring is the most critical part. Electrical wiring is essential as it works to provide electricity to every appliance used in the home and distributes electricity to the power circuit of home as well. Some of the advantages of having an electric wiring in your house are:

  • Safe system: This wiring of electrical wires is safe and it makes it easy to use all the electrical appliances that is used in homes in day to day life. It also helps in avoiding too much wiring as the main wiring is done through inside and the only wire that remains outside is the wire of the appliances.
  • No wear and tear: As the wires remains inside the walls there is no damage of wires that will takes place.
  • Helps in other works: Having a proper electrical wiring in home can help out in doing other tasks conveniently. These tasks include cleanliness and renovation etc. So there is no interruption due to wires and it is safe for everyone who is doing these tasks.
  • No danger: There is no risk of shock and other dangers due to wires as all the wires are fit inside the walls and there is no risk to touch any of the appliances or switch.
  • External factors can be avoided: Since wire is placed inside the external factors of wind, high temperature, raining have no effect on the wiring and thus these factors can be neglected as the wires are not exposed to it.

There are some disadvantages as well for wiring of the house. These disadvantages include:

  • Expensive: Having a proper electrical wiring system, is expensive then having other techniques of getting house wired.
  • Detecting defects is quiet difficult: Since the wires are fixed inside the walls, if an error or problem comes up it is quiet difficult to tell that in which portion of the house should the wires must be repaired.
  • Additional wiring is a complex process: If in future the owner of the house wants to have a connection or wiring done in another room or place of the house then this is quiet difficult and it makes the process more complex.
  • Installation is challenging: The process of installing the electrical wiring when the building of home is in progress is quiet difficult as well. A proper analysis of everything should be done. Each and every room should be accessed carefully according to the convenience of the appliances and then wiring should be done.
  • Re-locating switches is difficult: Relocating switches after the wiring is done is not really possible and a feasible part.

There are many wire cable manufacturers that you can look for in the market as well as on the internet. For a good quality wiring always use high quality of wiring material.

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