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Adding The Warli Designs To Our Homes

There are many simple warli painting and these can be used as home décor products which are provided by the skilled and the creative makers. This will help to discover the great and the most beautiful traditions of the beautiful nation India which is so rich in heritage and culture. The warli is the traditional and the indigenous paintings of the people and the creators from the Maharashta and Gujarat.  These are graphic and the geometrical designs and are appreciated across the globe. Following are some of the items in and on which there are warli designs which can be used as the items for home décor. They are as follows:

  • Plates: these are not only things which can be used for eating. But can also be used as the pieces of art as well. They can be converted and used as the items of the home décor as well that will make the interiors amazing. These involve various beautiful designs on them along with some fascinating play of colors as well. These involve various beautiful patterns.
  • The art related to time: such beautiful designs are also available for the clocks and watches as well. These are available in different shapes and sizes. These involve beautiful frames of the clocks and this will enhance the looks of the overall room in which it is displayed. This will force the people to look to time again and again. Such is the beauty of these paintings.
  • Table toppers: these are also available in different shapes and sizes. These help to cover the tables and enhance the looks of the table and other furniture as well. These are durable mats and are very much eye-catching. These are quite beautiful and help to enhance the looks of the furniture on which they are kept. This will help in adding the feature of ethnicity and help to make the thing more worthy.
  • Key corners: these can also be hanged on the walls and this will also help to enhance the beauty of the walls as well. Many a times people forget things here and there so this is a way to keep them safe and secure. These are of wooden material and help to make the walls much more beautiful.
  • Name plates: along with interior the exteriors also matter a lot. One can use the concept of warli paintings and beautiful designs of warli painting as borders on the name plates outside the homes.
  • Frames: these can also be used to keep the memories captured as alive so that they never die. Such designs are also available in market in the form of the frames and help to make the walls also look beautiful and appealing.
  • Coasters: these decorative coasters will make the things look good and will even help in making the whole tea drinking experience good. The conversations can also be made good along with this. These are the gorgeous and colorful so that whole experience is good.

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