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A Complete Guide to Understand Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

sexual harassment in the workplace lawyers

Eight out of ten women experience sexual harassment in some form or the other in their workplaces. This speaks volumes for the reason behind a lot of noise about the #MeToo movement in offices these days.

sexual harassment in the workplace lawyers

Though some men also end up as victims of sexual harassment, it is a crime that affects more women than men. From career interruptions to a negative impact on physical and mental health, the repercussions of suffering sexual harassment can be serious.

This post will shed light on sexual harassment, its types and how a victim should visit a sexual harassment law firm for legal recourse to bring their offender to justice.

What is sexual harassment?

In technical terms, sexual harassment is an unwelcome or inappropriate sexual behavior that is offensive by nature and intimidates or humiliates an individual. Its scope may range from sexual advances to sexual assault or abuse. Any inappropriate promise involving rewards in lieu of sexual favors also comes under the purview of sexual harassment.

Forms of sexual harassment at workplaces

In workplaces, different professionals work in different positions. In most cases, those who belong to the top of the hierarchy oftentimes target their subordinates. This may be either verbal or physical by nature.

With all things considered, sexual harassment in workplaces can be classified under the following heads:

  • Quid pro quo: This form of sexual harassment takes place between a person in a higher position and their subordinates. When the former demands the latter to tolerate sexual misconduct such as kissing to remain in employment or get promotion or rewards, the nature of sexual harassment is defined as quid pro quo. This is the commonest form of sexual harassment in offices.
  • Hostile work environment: Hostile work environment involves pervasive or severe sexual conduct that turns the work atmosphere abusive or hostile. In comparison to the quid pro quo, hostile work environment involves sexual acts that are more severe by nature.

The second form of sexual harassment on the list involves various complexities. You can simplify matters for yourself by consulting one of the sexual harassment in the workplace lawyers with prior experience of litigating such cases in the courtroom.

To qualify as a legal case on the second count, one needs to meet certain criteria. Visiting a sexual harassment law firm and consulting the right lawyer is one’s best bet to do it successfully.

A systematic approach to address the problem of sexual harassment at the workplace

Before approaching any of the sexual harassment lawyers in CT, you need to follow the proper escalation matrix. If it happens at your workplace, it is mandatory for you to bring it to the notice of the concerned authorities. Otherwise, your case may not even qualify for hearing in the courtroom.

Also, it makes sense that you communicate with the harasser either directly or indirectly. This can be challenging, especially if the person in question happens to be the employer himself. But sometimes even dropping a note that you do not approve of their actions can deter them from doing it any further.

Even as it does not die down, you would at least fulfill the requirement that you’ve tried informing the harasser that their acts are unwelcome. This will help you vindicate why you approached higher authorities or the courtroom for the settlement of the matter.

After drawing the attention of relevant authorities on the matter, the next thing you should do is find out what action your company has taken against the harasser. Document everything on pen and paper. These details can come in handy later on and help strengthen your case further.

If you believe the organization where you are working has not done enough to provide you with justice, think about approaching a sexual harassment law firm. Share every detail of your case – no matter how petty it may be. This will help your legal representative to prove your case in the courtroom with finesse.

Final thoughts

Given the intricacies of cases concerning sexual harassment, it is necessary to take every step carefully and proceed with caution. Knowing the ins and outs of what you should do to strengthen your case further can play a critical role in determining its fate at the time of the hearing. Lastly, consider approaching a legal expert with expertise in dealing with cases involving sexual harassment at the workplace if you are not sure how to go about

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