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Get Back your HP Printer Online from Offline on Windows 7

HP Printer Issue

HP printers are preferred by most of the people who have constant usage of printing. HP makes a great affordable printer that anyone can use. Also, the overall build quality is amazing. However, when you are using the printer, there some of the common issues that people are facing.

Here, we will discuss the most common issue faced by the people. Sometimes, your printer will always be showing offline and won’t work. Therefore, here we will see the HP printer offline fix Windows 7 or for any other version of Windows. Make sure you follow the complete tutorial to fix it. 

Why HP Printer is Go Offline Again and Again 

Mostly When you connect the hp printer to your computer, it will automatically detect the printer and start showing it. Basically, here the computer will auto-configure the printer and hence as a result, you can see the hp printer online and work again. 

However, when it comes to some of the hp printers, the computer can’t detect the automatic settings that are available. This might happen if the drivers are not installed properly or you are not using the latest version of Windows.

Therefore, in such cases, you will see the hp printer offline Windows 7 issue. There are no big issues over here, all you need to do is a manual adjustment and the printer will start to work again. 

Fix HP Printer Offline Windows 7 Issue 

The easiest way you can fix the HP Printer offline windows 7 issue is by going to the control panel. You will see an option called printer as soon as you go to the control panel. If you are using the category view, go to the hardware and there you will see the printer options. Hit the button and you will find many available printers.

First of all, make sure you see your printer in the list. If you are not seeing your printer there, you can first check the connection. Sometimes, the connection is not proper. 

Next, you can find the printer that you are using and hit the SEE WHAT’S PRINTING option. If something is going on, you can just cancel it and remove the checkmark from the option “Work offline”. In this way, you can easily make your printer work again. 

If still the device isn’t working, you can simply find the topic and click on the troubleshooting option. It will open the troubleshooting of the printer. Here, Windows 7 will automatically try to fix the problems. In most cases, the problems will be fixed and you can continue your work again. 

If nothing works, and you still facing HP Printer offline windows 7 issue then we will make a last chance. See if your computer is connected with other devices in the sharing centre. You can simply turn off the sharing and see if it starts working. Sometimes, if your computer is connected with sharing, the printer will not be able to detect which of the computer to use. Therefore, you can simply try disconnecting from the sharing and see if it is working or not. 

Printer diagnostic tools

HP has its own printer diagnostic tool that you can use to fix the HP Printer Offline issue. All you have to do is open the HP website and download the tool. 

The usage of the tool is pretty simple, all you have to do is open the tool that you have just installed and select your printer from the list. You will see all the printers by HP in the given list. From there, you need to select your printer. If your printer isn’t there, you can go down and select others. 

Once you have done this much, you can hit next and the tool will start working. After a while, this tool will give you some most common reasons why your printer isn’t working and showing offline moreover, it will also show you the fix and the solution. You can simply try that solution and you are all done. After that, you need to restart your computer in order to make the changes. 

Why the user has to go through HP printer support?

HP has amazing support that you can avail of. If nothing works for you, you can surely try going to support. Many people don’t go to support just because they are highly-priced. However, it is definitely not so. Therefore, you can surely use the HP support whenever you want. 

It is necessary to go the support because of the following reasons:

  • If you try to fix it yourself, you will waste your precious time in figuring out different ways on how to do it and in the end, the problem will still be the same
  • Also, if you are facing any other problems, it will be solved without any issues. 
  • A professional team is always better than someone who knows a little bit about the printers. Who knows, you will end up with creating some other problems. therefore, you shouldn’t change more settings in your laptop or your desktop, unless you know what you are doing. 
  • They will also suggest something else that you might need to know. 

Therefore, you should go to support. You can easily get in touch with the support team whenever you want. They will assist you to quickly solve your HP Printer offline Windows 7 problem if it can be solved directly. However, if there are some hardware changes, you can also get it done. This won’t be possible if you try to do this by yourself. Therefore, you should go to the support team. 

Final words

To conclude, these are some of the common solutions that you can use to solve the hp printer offline problem. You can surely try all of these tips and if nothing works you can contact the support team. If you have taken a new laptop or installed a fresh copy of Windows 7, you should see that the drivers are all available.

You can download the drivers from the internet. Most of the people’s problems will be solved by just installing the right drivers or updating the current one. You can also try updating Windows 7. 

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