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9 Countries Accountants Should Work

Have you been wondering where in the world can you find the grandest welcome for accountancy skills? Reading this article will give you clarity about countries that allows qualified accountants to broaden their horizons.

  1. Romania

    This nation has undergone dynamic changes, in terms of economy in the past few decades. Despite the years of financial buffering due to problems in the Eurozone, Romania has successfully maintained its economic growth.Auditors and accountants are in high demand form the continued growth of the Romanian economy. Additionally, the cost of living is currently very low in Romania.

  2. United Arab Emirates

    The federation of seven vibrant Emirates, UAE is home to a liberal business environment and sky-high standard of living. To top this up, accountants working in this country will get to enjoy the pleasures of the sunny climate, affordable housing facilities and hospitable locals.

  3. Singapore

    Besides being the cleanest and most efficient country to work in, Singapore is also known for its open immigration policy. This pro-business attitude makes it easy for foreigners to enter the city-stateto help promote its economic growth. With its robust vision to be a leading global accountancy hub within the Asia-Pacific region, choosing Singapore to be your accounting destination can pave way for you to land jobs in major industries.

  4. Malaysia

    considered the world’s best locations for offshore manufacturing and service-based operations, Malaysia also boasts of its poly-ethnic, multicultural and multilingual society. Accountants can enjoy the benefits of not only the diverse ex-pat community but also the plethora of lucrative jobs that it has to offer.

  5. China

    Greater China is an emerging market that ranks high on the World Economic Forum’s list of financial development. Shanghai is yet another swiftly growing financial centre attracting millions of accountants from all over the world, each year.

  6. Australia

    the Australian economy is currently one of the best performing economies in the world. The major cities of this country are key business centres, operating in alliance with international markets and Global accountants.

  7. Mauritius

    if you wish to enjoy a warm and sunny climate, beautiful beaches and amazing golf courses, as part of your daily accounting job, then Mauritius should be your next destination. This country holds one of the highest numbers of registered professional accountants, living and working in there.

  8. Vietnam

    Vietnam is considered as the fastest-growing economy among internationally emerging markets, with rising annual economic growth rate. The strong business potential and improved living standards make it a perfect abode for accountancy enthusiasts.

  9. Switzerland

    TheSwiss economy iswell known for its unwavering performance during the global financial turmoil. The business-friendly legislation, coupled with political and financial stability provides accountants with continuous profitability and employment.

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