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7 Traditional Favors with Wedding Cards:

Wedding in India is traditionally multi-day affairs and that involves many intricate ceremonies. In Indian weddings, wedding cards play an important role as it invites people to share in the special occasion.

This wedding, add color your wedding card with traditional favors.

If you are tired of traditional and boring wedding cards, make your wedding a great day with the following traditional favors.

  1. Sweets and Dry Fruits:

For years, we must recognize that the taste for sweetness has been a part of Indian weddings, not only for what we love but also for its great decorative properties.

The sweet world seems to be living in times when small cupcakes with carefully decorated decorations and colors of the most striking are the protagonists.

In recent times uniquely designed sweets and dry fruits have become fashionable and in many cases, it is essential to give a decorated box that must be full of the greatest variety of delicacies, where sweets must be designed and prepared so that all of the guests can sweeten.

  1. Handicraft Dry fruit box:

Dry fruits covered with decorative papers or handicraft boxes are an ideal element to complete the decoration.

Both style and decoration should depend on the style of the wedding. You should not save on glass accessories, put the glasses, jars or trays, they tend to stand out much more and will look better while giving with a wedding card.

  1. Small Dibbis:

Small dibbis is another great traditional favors that you can offer with a wedding card. You can choose from endless models, sizes and colors – the possibilities are endless! From the coolest cardboard boxes for pastries, boxes for adorable cupcakes, wedding boxes that fall in love, boxes for CDs or boxes for fully customizable gifts. The tough part is choosing which one to stay with! Decorate them and whatever your chosen cardboard box, you will give them a unique touch!

  1. Decorative and good luck handicrafts:

Decorative and good luck items are a new trend in today’s home decoration. There are many different kinds of good luck handicrafts are available to choose from.

You can go with delicate small-sized elephant, good luck coins, feng shui tortoise or plants, to name a few.

Such items are unique and your guests would surely love them and will decorate their warm home. There are also good decorative ornaments recommended for everyone, they say that resin crafts are very popular in home decoration. Let us introduce art!

  1. God idol:

Lord Ganesha idol or some other god idol is one of the ideal traditional favors which you can offer with wedding cards.

The figures and symbols of the gods are traditional. Also in the interiors, we find ourselves more and more often with god’s signs and with decorative pieces.

You can find these figures in different positions, such as sitting, standing or lying either way, both in the garden and inside are perfect decoration pieces. Get such a god idol this wedding and offer a wedding card with this traditional favor!

  1. Scented Candles:

Scented Candles are another great favors with wedding cards.

The aromatic candle, as you know, is that scented candle that gives off a soft aroma once they are lit. Scented candles are in all formats and all aromas.

It is much appreciated today. These are those that contain essential oils to give off aromas. They combine the typical characteristics of candles (decoration, relaxation, color therapy, etc.) with the benefits of aromatherapy, a very old technique with curative and medicinal purposes so fashionable now because of its effects on our body, especially improving our mood.

  1. Pooja accessories:

Explore a wide range of pooja accessories which is always one of the best favors with wedding cards. These accessories include Pooja Samagri, Pooja Aarti Plate, Pooja Shankh, Pooja Dibbi, and many others.

In this way, there are lots of products and ideas to choose from for traditional favors with wedding cards. In addition, you can also get personalized and unique wedding favors ideas to gift with your wedding invitations.

We are sure that you will surely love our suggestions on these traditional favors. Give your guests a token of the celebration with any of these unique favors which coordinate with the wedding look!

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