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7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Small Business Security

7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Small Business Security

Cyber-attacks can put your small business into so many risks. There has been an increase in the cases of data breaches in the recent past. This trend has increased the vulnerability of small businesses as they become critical targets to hackers. The reason for the vulnerability of small businesses is because of the lack of adequate resources that will enable them to install efficient cybersecurity infrastructure.

It is essential to note that there are several affordable cybersecurity measures like installing an SSL certificate. This article explains some of these measures.

Be Smart on Passwords and Authentication Process

The first and very vital measure that you should have is that of perfect password practices. To improve your cybersecurity, you should have strong passwords that are in line with the characteristics of good passwords. For instance, the length of your password is a crucial factor that determines password strength. The password should be eight characters or more in length. It should combine both letters, numbers, and symbols. This makes it difficult for any malicious person to guess the passwords rightly.

In a situation where you are dealing with highly sensitive data, then a multiple-step authentication process can be very vital. For instance, a two-step authentication process will require a user to key in two verification factors like a password and a secret code to access the data, programs, systems, or website.

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Make Use firewalls and antivirus software

There are several cheap firewalls and antivirus software that are available today. Firewalls play the role of a digital shield that protects your business from access by malicious software. These firewalls also scan your system and detect any existence of viruses that could end up bringing great harm to your website.


The firewall will alert you when there is an issue of a data breach or any other security-related problem that could bring harm to your site. These firewalls and antivirus programs are very cheap and highly affordable. You can also install an SSL certificate to improve on your website security. If you want to secure multiple domain names, then COMODO multi-domain SSL certificate that any small business can put in place to ensure that his business is free from cyber insecurities.

Make Use of Password Managers

As mentioned earlier, passwords are a crucial element of your web security, and you should take them seriously. You must come up with unique passwords that display the characteristics of good passwords. Password manager tools can be of great help when it comes to generating and managing passwords of the mentioned characteristics. Examples of these password manager tools include Sticky Password, LastPass, and Dashlane.

These password manager tools will help you come up with secure passwords to all the systems and websites that need such kind of strong passwords. They will also help to keep track of all your passwords. These make work easier for you and your employees. These password manager tools are very cheap and are easily affordable by any business. Acquiring them will be a plus to your cybersecurity.

Delete Any Unused Accounts

It will make it easy for a hacker to access your new accounts or systems that you are currently using by accessing old accounts. A hacker will be able to retrieve the user credentials that you used for your old account and could easily access your website. Failing to delete old and unused accounts increases the vulnerability of your new accounts.

It is essential to have a perfect off-boarding plan, especially when you have had several employees and have transitioned to new a new system. An excellent off-boarding plan ensures that you do not have several unused accounts. A perfect off-boarding program that periodically deletes your old and unused accounts is an excellent and affordable measure to put in place when to want to have a reliable cybersecurity system.

Constantly Update Your Website

Never dismiss a software update notification. Doing constant updates to your system is one of the cheap but essential ways to ensure that your systems and data are free from any form of cyber insecurity and data breaches. You should, therefore, never ignore the notifications that require you to perform a system update. Upgrading your systems will make it very difficult for attackers to access your website and perform malicious data breaches. On the other hand, not carrying out constant updates to your system will make your system vulnerable to hackers who may end up causing severe damages and data breaches.

Software updates usually come up with advanced security features as an improvement to the current ones. Installing them is, therefore, a security measure that will see to it that your system is more secure. These updates are usually cheap and affordable. Most are free. You must have them installed to improve your security.

Learning How to Identify Phishing and Spear Phishing Attacks

Phishing and spear-phishing attacks are one of the most effective ways that hackers tend to use to hack into a victim’s system. Spear phishing attacks are usually personalized to a target, and they can be compelling. On the other hand, phishing attacks are more generalized.

It is very crucial to train yourself and all the stakeholders of your organization on all that is possible for as far as the spear-phishing attack is concerned. You must learn and educate your employees on how to remain safe from such instances.

Limit Access

The last measure that you must put in place is that of limiting access by unauthorized parties to company computers and data. You should not trust any unauthorized individual to have access to your computers. Only employees and stakeholders entrusted to perform specific tasks should be given access to computers and data.


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