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7 Clothing Hacks You Never Knew

clothing hacks


Whether it is about pulling off a great outfit or pairing the right clothing pieces, you always need some inspiration. If you check out bloggers and tutorials on how to style up your old clothing pieces to give them a new look, you would know how useful these hacks could be! You can end up creating a great outfit from the stack of clothes you were about to dump.

I tried these hacks with some eastern women’s clothes as well as the western ones I have. I managed to pull off quite a few versatile looks. However, clothing hacks are more than just pairing some unexpected pieces. Tag along to overhaul your wardrobe with these amazing hacks!

7 Clothing Tips to Perk Up Your Style Game

  1. Combine Your Basics with the Hottest Trends.
  2. Get a Fluffier Look with your Fleece and Faux-Fur Items.
  3. Use Unusual Color Combos.
  4. Get At Least 3 Tops for Each Bottom.
  5. Calculate the Actual Price of Every Item before Investing in it.
  6. Wear Jackets More Often.
  7. Combine Casual Clothing Items with Formal Ones.

Combine Your Basics with the Hottest Trends

When it comes to wardrobe essentials, you cannot ignore basics. They are timeless and are heavily used. And it’s okay if you invest in them on a regular basis. Also, the simple and casual cuts they have never go out of fashion. The best thing about them is that they can be paired with simply anything!

Therefore, if your wardrobe is constituted of 70% basics and 30% trendy pieces, you are doing just right. Investing in trendy pieces is all right if kept in moderation. The trends keep changing swiftly. Instead of dedicating a heavy budget on trendy pieces, pull off a bold, modern, and stylish look by styling your basics. They can help you do it without costing a fortune!

Get a Fluffier Look with your Fleece and Faux-Fur Items

A big fan of furs? Flaunt your furry coats before the winter ends. Let’s plump them up and make them fuzzier. Gently backcomb your favorite fleece and faux-fur items to give them a new life. With this method, you will also get rid of rough pilling and make them look new.

Use Unusual Color Combos

Isn’t color the thing we notice in an outfit? Even before we pay attention to the styling choices and body shapes, the first thing that catches the eye is the color. Start experimenting with unexpected and interesting color combinations. You don’t have to spend extravagantly and still pull off great looks. If your wardrobe is already stashed with pieces of various colors, you have more options to pair up.

Browsing through fashion mags and look-books from big fashion houses is a great source of fashion inspo. Notice the color they play with and take inspiration to come up with unusual and catchy color combos.

Get At Least 3 Tops for Each Bottom

Consider this the golden rule for maintaining a great wardrobe!

Use your pants, jeans, and skirts with a good number of tops. Remember, it’s the top clothing item that makes you look different. It gets noticed. Especially if your bottoms are neutral-colored, your blouse, shirt, or top will make all the difference. So, get a handful of options with the bottoms you own and pair them for a new look every day.

Calculate the Actual Price of Every Item before Investing in it

You need to understand the true worth of an outfit. Whatever you invest in has to be worth the money you paid for. If you are not going to wear a dress more than twice, don’t invest $500 in it. If you are going to wear a pair of sneakers most of the days of your college, then it’s okay to spend a little more for it. Do some simple math and figure out how many times you’re going to wear a particular piece and that will make you realize its actual worth.

Once you make a habit to do some simple calculations, you will avoid overspending unnecessarily.

Wear Jackets More Often

Invest in some quality jackets. They can enhance your shoulder line in any silhouette. Your whole ensemble will look stylish and high-end if you clad a jacket on. Even a T-shirt paired with jeans can look effortlessly elegant and chic with a nice jacket. You can put on some catchy bracelets with rolled-up sleeves to make the whole look catchier.

Combine Casual Clothing Items with Formal Ones

Do you know that one of the most popular trends among fashionistas and designers across the globe is to creatively combine formal pieces with casual and even sporty details! This means you can wear your rhinestone earrings with ripped jeans and a T-shirt. Adding some bold details like a pair of nice sunglasses and leather bracelets will act as game-changers in pulling off a great look.

Whilst looking up Pakistani dresses online USA, I found out some great pairs of ethnic tops to pair with my endless stock of formal shoes. People gave me such generous compliments at every party I wore them. You just have to be creative and mix it all up cleverly.

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