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#6 Types Of Beautiful Lehengas For The Best Bridal Look

One of the essential things in a person’s life is their wedding day. And it goes without saying that they have a lot of plans and dreams regarding this day as well. Most of us have planned the essential parts already, like- what we will wear, which hairstyle will top the dress, or which makeup look will complement this wedding attire.

But the most important part is that what will we wear? This question is always very difficult to answer, especially for the brides because of the wide variety of clothing lines available for the brides. Whether you would wear a saree embellished with motifs or a lehenga, which highlights the detailed embroidery, it gets very confusing. But to help you out we have a list of six lehengas that are very popular as the bridal Wear in Ludhiana

6 Types Of Pretty Lehengas

These lehengas are not only pretty but are up to the trend and can leave everybody awestruck with their gorgeous appearance. The best part about these bridal dresses is that they are very of a very wide variety, you can wear a few in winter and the remaining in summer comfortably. So, don’t forget to experiment with these lovely bridal fits on your special day, as they can help you be the ideal bride you always wanted to be!

  1. A Line Lehenga

The first one on our list is the A-Line lehenga that is a very popular choice for all the Indian brides. As the name suggests, the A-Line lehenga is a type of bridal outfit which is in the shape of the alphabet ‘a,’ this outfit has a fit and flared base. The best part about this dress is that it highlights the figure better than any other cut. Moreover, it is a type of fitting that can really help you conceal the concerning spots with the utmost ease.

  1. Ruffled Lehenga

The next one on our list, followed by the elegant A Line Lehenga is the instagram friendly ruffled lehenga. This lehenga is very popular on the internet because of the beautiful touch the bridal outfit has. It is filled with little details that are the very highlight of the lehenga. The wavy and loose additional fabric that is added to the lehenga is what makes this dress attractive. And if paired with a chignon bun, this lehenga can turn you into an actress from the 90s.

  1. Velvet Lehenga

If you have your wedding in winter and want to dress accordingly then don’t worry, we have a very suitable lehenga for you. A lehenga that can match the exuberance of your wedding and then bring out the royal look by helping you indulge in the raw beauty that lies in you is none other than the velvet lehenga. You can either go for a red velvet colour or the navy blue velvet colour as it will help you to enhance the bridal trousseau more than any other colour.

  1. Mermaid Lehenga

The next one on our list is the classic mermaid lehenga, and this lehenga was very popular in the 2000s but now has regained its popularity because of the pastel lehenga. This mermaid lehenga is a type of lehenga that is fitted till the knee and then has a flare beneath that part. If you want to show off your amazing figure, then this can be a really good choice for you. It is usually worn with a bold blouse because it is tight fitted. You can keep the dupatta to the side to add more drama to the bridal wear.

  1. Saree Dupatta Lehenga

Followed by the mermaid lehenga, we have the saree dupatta lehenga that is not only pretty but also has a very ethnic look to it. The ethnic look comes from the blend of the traditional saree and lehenga into one outfit. The lehenga here is usually with a round base, and the blouse is embellished with intricate designs, but the highlight, the dupatta is tied in a way a saree is tied. It wraps around the bride and compliments the curves and flares of the dress.

  1. Glitter Lehenga

Last but not the least of this list is the glitter lehenga, and this lehenga is very special as it can really make the bride stand out on her special day. The glitter lehenga dazzles in the light and makes the bride the star of the wedding. Glitter is the attribute of the lehenga and is simply a way to embellish the bridal wear. The glitter lehenga is usually decorated with the detailed sequence of the dazzling sequin work, that reflects the light off the dress and make it shine in the wedding venue. You can pair this outfit with colourful jewellery to adorn yourself, and you can also go for nude makeup if you want to balance this gaudy outfit.

We hope these unique lehenga designs will help you rock the wedding outfit very easily. But don’t forget that you are the reason that the wedding dress will be special, so smile a lot! It’s you who is the highlight, not your wedding dress.



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