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5 Logo Designing Hacks that Not Everyone Tells

Designing a logo may sound too easy like a child’s play. Some designers even call it a work of drawing a circle and typing the brand’s name in the middle. This is an extremely awkward situation referring to the value of money your client pays you.

There certainly a lot more to logo designing than just drawing shaped and typing names. A logo is a crucial element of branding. It either makes or breaks your prospects in the industry.

If you are a beginner or want to strengthen your grasp on the art of logo designing, here are some pro tips not everyone will tell you.

  1. Practice on Logo Templates

Logo templates can help as a quick start for beginners as experimenting with different templates can be a great initiative. You can also opt for online logo designing tools that require answering a few questions regarding your business and logo ideas to provide you the precise templates to practice on.

  1. Know the Brand

Before anything, having an insight into your client’s brand or business is essential. You must know the demographics of their target audience to design a logo that attracts them. It is a better approach to do thorough research and discuss this with your client personally so you can get a good grasp on the client’s ideology you need to design the very logo.

  1. Make an Impression

‘The first impression is the last impression,’ this phrase must not be taken lightly when it comes to designing a logo. A logo is everything that marks a lasting impression on the consumers. Therefore, it is said that only a glance is enough for people to be mesmerized. The function of the logo is to entice the target audience every time they see it.

For setting an impression, a logo must be unique, better in appeal, and stand out among the competitors through its new concept in the market.

  1. Choose Fonts Wisely

Most designers neglect the importance of fonts in a logo and choose random fonts. Fonts speak about the brand’s personality.

It may be tempting to pick trendy and new fonts but trends come and go but an impression stays forever. Therefore, choose forts that are suitable for the niche of business. You cannot simply opt for horror fronts for a toy shop or garments company’s logo. You can look for high-quality logo fonts online for a better idea. Coca-Cola can be taken for an example as its custom fonts are recognized all over the world as its trademark. Opt for the right color scheme with suitable fonts to create a killer logo.

  1. Add Scalability

A great logo is always scalable. A logo will be used on different marketing media, so it should be made in a manner to look appealing in every way. Some logos look good on small products but when printed for billboards, their appeal vanishes. Therefore, a logo must be scalable to suit all advertisement media for the target audience.

Logo designing is an art that must be worked upon to stay with marketing trends. New initiatives must be considered to stay up to date with the latest tools and design ideas.

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