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5 Digital Marketing Myths Related to Small Businesses

Digital marketing has transformed the selling strategies of small businesses for the better. Every piece of information related to this form of marketing is available online for free.

Free access to online resources obviously has its pros, but there are cons as well. The internet is filled with marketing myths and if you believe in them, your business will be doomed forever.

Companies offering premium Digital Marketing Services will always provide you with a detailed roadmap, which will give you a clear idea of what digital marketing is all about.

As a digital marketer, I will bust five of the most common myths that are doing the rounds in the digital marketing community.

Let’s get started.

Small Businesses Cannot Afford Digital Marketing

Budding entrepreneurs and newly-established businesses believe that they don’t need to invest in a service called ‘digital marketing.’ Only the big shots can invest and benefit from it. This is far from the truth.

With changing times and dynamic consumer trends, it is essential to have a strong online presence. Else, you will never come in contact with your potential customers in the digital space.

Some businesses understand the importance of digital marketing in business growth but shy away from it due to costs. But, you are misinformed in this aspect as well. The licensed marketing tools come with affordable plans and have the ability to automate your marketing workflow completely. So you will not end up spending a fortune on them.

Some businesses actually could afford hiring professionals to get their online visibility. OutreachMama link building & blogging services has helped many small businesses get their rankings high and their ROI too.

You Will Always Get Instant Results

Many people think that merely running successful campaigns yields results. If you explore the digital marketing case studies of the world’s leading brands, you will find that success doesn’t come easy. It takes months of hard work and consistency to achieve the desired results. The journey is not easy and you will face failures of different magnitudes in the entire process.

On a side note, many people in the industry don’t know how to measure real success in digital marketing. According to a survey by Marketing Profs, 82% of marketing executives want the campaigns to be measured. But, most of them don’t know how to measure it exactly.

It’s a good idea to know a few benchmarks when it comes to expecting ROI from each channel.

High returns are dependent on several factors, such as –

  • Quality and competitiveness of the product in the market.
  • Current trends in the industry as a whole.
  • Competence of the agency that is marketing the product.
  • The type of marketing channel used.
  • Accuracy in tracking the conversions.

The bottom line is that the graph of success cannot be generated instantly in digital marketing. Consulting a good marketing agency is the key.

Email Marketing Means Lots of Spam

If you are new to the marketing industry, you will be surprised to know that email marketing campaigns fetch a high ROI. Moreover, customers usually prefer e-mail as the preferred mode of communication.

On the other hand, abusing e-mail marketing will give you zero returns. Flooding your customers’ inbox with untimely and inappropriate emails will do you no good. Rather, focus on targeting the right group of customers at the right moment. A lot of small businesses have reported increased conversions because they made good use of their email list.

Use Duplicate Content & Long Articles to Succeed

Copying and pasting content on your site is plagiarism, and Google penalizes heavily for it. Repeating the same thing all over again means that you don’t have anything valuable to offer. Thus, your rankings will take a hit.

Apart from that, you might be believing that lengthy articles will get you good rankings in SERPs. But it depends. You will find many case studies that support this strategy, but it will not always work in your favor.

For example, if visitors are looking for something specific on your site, then they will scan your pages quickly. If they don’t find it, they will leave immediately.

Always ensure that the content on your website resonates with your customers and enhances their knowledge on a given topic. If it does, then they will surely return to you for more of it.

Your Business Should Be Omnipresent

Most business owners have a mindset that they need to target every community and demographics on the internet to accelerate their growth. But it’s not true.

Just ask yourself a question: Will your product or service cater to the needs of every human on this planet?

Obviously not

But wait! This doesn’t mean that you start targeting random groups of people on social media and other channels.

The best way to workaround is to focus your attention on only those who show interest in your products and services. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

You can get in touch with your target demographics through different means; social media is the most effective one nowadays. Again, there is a myth that you need to be on every social media platform out there. The targeting should be done on the basis of your industry domain. For example, tech companies should be on LinkedIn whereas the eCommerce ones can start with Facebook and Instagram.

Summing it Up

The sooner you get rid of your digital marketing myths, the better. Seek information only from credible sources and reputed agencies who strive for your betterment. All the best for your digital transformation journey.

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