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5 creative ways custom packaging inserts to increase customers

The custom packaging inserts are an attractive additional item or product which the brand owners and retailers put in their shipments to attract customers. The packing inserts provide an excellent platform for communication between retailers and the customers while the connectivity will also increase even when they are not physically present. The best thing about these inserts is that the customers don’t have to pay for these additional goods. Instead, they are free and of good quality as well. If the brand plans to promote a campaign or a particular product, this turns out to be useful for them. Let’s look at some creative ways packaging inserts can increase the customers.

Discount offers

Discount offers happen to be one of the most popular methods used for the custom packaging of inserts. Usually, the customers get these offers through their email address, but you can never be sure whether the email has reached the inbox or has been left out unread at the spam folder. It’s a better idea to include this exciting offer on the box of the particular product you are offering to the customers. Everyone is always on the lookout for some discounts or special offers when they are out shopping in the market, so to entice shoppers of all ages, this turns out to be fruitful. You can print a small card and insert it inside the box so that the customer knows about the discount being offered to them. The custom packaging boxes should be attractive so they can appeal to a wide range of shoppers.

Product Samples for free

Many times it happens that a brand has a specific product which is very famous among customers and while introducing a new product, they are nervous. To add the new product convincingly, they give out free samples so many people can try out the latest product while they purchase their popular product. It can turn out to be an excellent promotional and marketing strategy and increase the sales of your existing product too. Many people have the habit of sharing free products with their family and friends, and they will come back to the store for repeat purchases thinking they can get two quality products.

Exciting gifts to entice new customers

Maintaining old customers is as tricky as attracting the new ones and this is the reason brand owners keep coming up with innovative ideas for the packaging designs. When you make the customers feel that you care for them, they will connect with your brand. You have to delight them often by giving out innovative treats, discounts, and small gifts, but make sure you don’t make them feel that you are trying to sell out your new product to them. The gift you choose to give to them should not be expensive; rather, they can be cost-effective and appealing. You can even include a thank you note to bring a smile on their face and make them feel special frequently. They will return to you frequently if you care about them.

Thank you cards or personalized messages

The simple and most affordable insert you can add to the custom packaging boxes is a thank you card or a personalized message to entice the customers. It is a thoughtful and loving gesture that will create a mutual feeling of respect between both parties. If you have a small scale business or are planning to start a new one, then using these affective tactics can boost sales in an instant. Whenever customers are shopping in the malls, they look for something exciting, innovative, and affordable at the same time. Choosing the right type of inserts is easy as you already know what your customers are liking and disliking.

Review of product or share on social request

Whenever the brand ships an item to the customer’s doorstep, they make sure to deliver the product in the best of quality so it can keep them happy for a long time. When shipping the item, you can insert an additional note and ask them to write a product review on social media so other people can get feedback. When they share their good experience on social media, many people will know about the brand or the quality products they are offering. A kind word out mouth leads to a better customer base. When the product is popular among many people all over the globe, you can ship your products worldwide and earn better revenue. Giving your targeted audience something more than what they expect is an excellent way to increase sales without putting in much effort.

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