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5 Common Myths about Web Designing You Should Ditch Right Now

Every brand needs a website to be successful but the quality website is hardly found these days. When it comes to quality, I never mean the website to be loaded with content and overwhelmed with the visual elements. It’s about being simple yet attractive and appealing to your target audience. Some brands demean the term quality and try to put more than what is required.

However, a good website should encounter brand values, conveys information and give users what they are looking for. In this context, you might have seen interesting web design advice from experts but some common web design myths are prevailing for no reasons.

So, let’s take a look at them and the next time we hear these myths, we aren’t going to consider it.

Myth#1: Your Website Should Cater to Specific Audience

If you only target the millennials perspective while creating your website, how will professionals treat your website? Instead of working harder, work smart and create your website with a general perspective.

Think of the elements that cater to multiple audiences, for example, fonts, color themes, layout, and content. Follow the trends and think of a modern yet sleek design that caters your audience demographics on a wide scale. If you think about the specific audience only, your design won’t last to multiple audiences.

Myth#2: Content is Everything

It’s true that content plays a crucial role on your website but it’s not everything. If you bulk your website with long write-ups then visitors will immediately turn away. So, while writing the content, focus on the three W’s: Who are you? What are your core services? Why should a customer choose you?

Be bold and blatant while writing the information and make sure your visitor’s queries are getting answered. Try to keep the content short and catchy. Explain your objective in a few lines instead of long paragraphs. It would be good if you perform a quality check before making the content live.

Myth#3: Use the Homepage to Tell your Story

A home page is the welcoming page of your website. Take it as the entrance of your home, when guests visit your home, you keep the entrance welcoming, not loaded with stuff, tidy and clean so the guest feels good on entering.

Similarly, if you overburden the information on the home page then the customer won’t have the good vibes on your website. Instead of telling your story on the home page, highlight the best features about you, that makes you different from the rest. When you get successful in grabbing your audience’s attention, they will show more interest to learn about you.

Myth#4: You only need a Desktop Version of your Website

According to a study, 62% of the USA citizens use smartphones to get the task done through web. Be it online shopping, studying, researching or exploring their interest. If you stop working once you create the desktop version of your site then it’s wrong. A mobile version is a must-have in a growing competition.

A fast, responsive, easy and mobile-friendly website make sure you stay on top of your competition. In addition, having a mobile website also avoid missing the potential clients and help you maximize the revenue for your business.

Myth#5: You Don’t Need a Website Audit

Once you have created your website, it seems like you are good to go but NO. An audit is a must before you make your website live. According to you, your website is perfect but if you ask any web design agency to perform the audit, they will tell you where you’re lacking.

A website audit ensures that your website complies with your target audience, it follows the trends and keeps you in the competition. An audit also helps to test the functionalities of the website.

In an internet-driven era, falling for these myths can back you off from the competition. So, the next time you hear these myths, turn a deaf ear to these conversations and pay attention to make your website meaningful. These myths can detract you from achieving your end goals.

I hope it helps you out. If you enjoy reading this blog, share your feedback in the comments section below.

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