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4 Steps To A Better Cup Of Coffee That Will Give You That Perfect Doze Of Caffeine

If you are a regular coffee drinker, the likeliness is that you already know the difference between a good and the best cup of coffee. For a true coffee lover, the odds are you visit your favourite coffee house in Melbourne and order your go to a caffeine drink. But on an occasional lazy Sunday morning, you might want to brew your own cup of coffee and give yourself a bespoke experience while chilling in your pajamas and watching your favourite show.

But you might be worried that your Sunday coffee won’t taste as good as your weekday’s coffee. We have a solution to that! By following these simple steps, you can ensure that the cup of coffee will stand close to the one you have at your favourite cafe!

Let’s get started,

Buying coffee beans

Don’t compromise on the quality of coffee beans. Say bye-bye to shopping for coffee from grocery stores. You don’t know if it was roasted and that defies its freshness. The likeliness is that these beans you get at grocery stores will be stale and you don’t know how long they have been lying in those bins or bags. You can buy the beans from an independent coffee shop that can also verify the roasting date. This is the only way to ensure that you are buying good quality freshly roasted beans.

Storing the beans wisely

No one likes coffee that tastes flat or tastes like it was made weeks ago. An airtight container is all you need when it comes to storing coffee beans. The more opaque the container the better your beans will last. Keep them beans away from sunlight as exposure to excess light can cause deterioration of the beans. This will make your coffee taste flat or stale. A cool, dark and dry space is recommended for storing your beans to ensure maximum flavour and freshness.

Grind, grind and grind

Depending on the brewing method that you are using, your coffee should be grounded accordingly. Finely grounded for espresso, coarse for french press and single serve- these are the standard ways for coffee beans to be grounded. To ensure that the beans are nicely grounded, you can run it between your fingers and make sure that the grinds feel similar to bread crumbs. One pro tip is that you can use a burr grinder that will receive less friction than a typical blade grinder.

The right measure

When it comes to making the right cup of coffee, everything needs to be in the right proportion. It is important to weigh your coffee before you grind it. Water, beans, sugar, and milk- everything needs to be in the right proportion otherwise you are going to regret your coffee experience. When you brew the coffee, make sure you brew only as much as you want to drink. Let your coffee cool and be of the right temperature before you sip it. This way you will be able to make your coffee experience more enjoyable. If you want to amp up things a little, pour a little cream and sugar in your coffee.

If you prefer drinking it black, just make sure that you put the right measure of coffee in it. If all this seems too much of a task for you then you can simply visit one of the Hawthorn cafes and get your dose of caffeine just as you like it!


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