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4 Reasons Why EZlytix is a Better Choice Than Power BI

More and more organizations are adopting business intelligence and analytics tool because of their efficiency and growth advantages. The common goal of why many companies are using business intelligence software is to turn their insights into profitable actions.

EZlytix is one such solution that can help you act upon the forces shaping businesses and markets. An analytics solution that offers seamless data extraction from multiple systems, EZlytix also provides services pertaining to data model, pre-build out of box reports, custom reports (included in the annual subscription), and cloud storage facilities. The ultimate goal of EZlytix is to make analytics fast, easy and affordable for SMBs to grow and compete in the market.

Even though a niche segment, the area of analytics solutions harbors some well-known names such as Power BI, Tableau, Qlikview, and more. Coming to the most popular one, Power BI is a business analytics software serviced by Microsoft. Given the simplicity of Power BI, company owners are tempted to invest in its services to enhance their business growth.  However, using Power BI can create unnecessary complexities. In comparison to Power BI, EZlytix provides far more efficient and convenient services for analytical data solutions.

Here’s why EZlytix is better than Power BI.

1. The total cost of ownership is low for EZlytix

When you choose EZlytix, the total cost of ownership (TOC) is low compared to using Power BI. This is because when you obtain the services of EZlytix, you don’t need additional resources to extract data or build reports. All that is already

Inclusive in the services you buy. Another reason why EZlytix is more cost-efficient than other tools is that you only have to pay for the licensing cost. There are no additional costs pertaining to hiring a trained professional to help you work around these analytics for your reports.

When it comes to Power BI, the TOC is comparatively high because you have to pay upfront capital to the service. Additionally, you will have to incur extra finances to experienced and expert resources who can work on Power BI to customize your business reports. Also, Power BI’s license cost is not inclusive of the developer charges that you will additionally have to hire for smooth functioning.

2.EZlytix provides ready to use pre-built reports

One of the best advantages of using Analytics over other business analytics tools is that it provides readymade pre-built reports. By using EZlytix’s analytical services, you can save several months’ time on focus reports and dashboards that can help you track all the relevant KPI’s for your industry. Additionally, EZlytix provides over 150 ready to use data-driven reports on the go. The analytics dashboard frequently adds new reports to its library. And in case you want to customize reports as per your business requirements, it can be done without any additional charges.

The same isn’t the case with Power BI. Power BI is a very large database. As a result, it does not particularly customize reports for specific companies. Your only option here is to choose from the available reports. And in case you need personalized reports, you will have to pay extra for them. Not to mention getting the whole database in flow will consume extra time. 

3.EZlytix boasts a short implementation period

Traditional analytics tools have always been a high-risk implementation for organizations because they take months. EZlytix, on the other hand, vows to deliver greater business agility. It helps companies deliver accelerated means to adopt and deploy reports in a very short span of time. Therefore, EZlytix can hit the grounds and start running in just 7 days. This analytics tool takes just 4 to 6 weeks to get deployed.

Power BI, on the contrary, is a very vast tool and consequently, it takes a lot of time to start running. Microsoft BI can easily take months to showcase the desired results. Similarly, Power BI takes a minimum of 4 to 6 months to get deployed.

4. Get user-defined reports using EZlytix

In today’s highly competitive world, every business has unique needs when it comes to analytical reports. Businesses need personalized reports based on their size, industry type, and their competitors. EZlytix driving motto believes in the 80:20 rule despite delivering a self-service Master Data Management (MDM) feature. Here businesses can get 20 percent of their reports customized as per. So at EZlytix, custom report development facility can be used without any additional charges.

However, if you want any customized reports on Microsoft BI, prepare to shell out an extra chunk of money to fulfill your needs. Not just Power BI, most of such services will charge you an additional amount to design personalized reports for your business. Besides, all other companies provide limited functionalities in terms of data quality and management.

Wrapping up

Tableau, MicroStrategy and Power BI are well-known, recommended visualization tools. However, if you require proper analytics, you need additional facilities such as ETL, data cleansing, data warehousing, and smarter reports identification. These services can only be acquired from experts working with EZytix. The company not only offers expert services but also provides in-house proficiencies for Tableau, PowerBI, SSRS and other BI tools.

These are the major reasons why you should opt for EZlytix over Power BI solutions.

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