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2 Foods that Give You an Instant Relief From Common Cold

As winters are here, so are the various illness it brings with it. The most frequent one is the common cold. Any sickness can just halt your daily work. You will sit all day in your home, popping medicines and with very little relief. We are not against the medications, they are important.

What you can do is add a little bit of your own home remedy for faster results. Common colds are not easy to get rid of and can cause a very disturbance in your regular life. By using such foods you can give relief to that pain it is causing you. 

Keeping yourself warm and including these foods in your get better quick diet will show beneficial and fast results. You will be out of bed and off to work in no time.  The results can vary in different cases, but there is one thing for sure that you will get relief from your current situation. 

These three foods are best for common colds:


  • Chicken Bone Broth
  • Hot Tea
  • Honey


Chicken Bone Broth: 

Being cooked for over 12-13 hours, bone broths are very healthy and great for your health. If you cant make bone broth on your own then get yourself one of these Chicken Bone Broth. They are instant to make and provide the same nutrition value. 

Chicken bone broth is good for your common cold because it keeps you hydrated and warm. It consists of various nutrients and minerals that aid in the relief of any sickness. You can also get yourself a reduced-sodium bone broth if you are worried about how much salt you take. 

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Chicken bone broth is rich in folic acid, calcium, and magnesium. When you drink it hot, it will give you instant relief. You will stay fuller throughout the day, and if you are on anti-biotics then it will provide the healthy nutrients that you might end up losing due to the medication. 

Even after you are well, there is no need to discontinue bone broth. Make it a part of your daily lifestyle and include it in your diet. Bone broths have many other benefits apart from giving relief from common colds. It is also beneficial for weight loss, skincare, and joint pain.

Hot Tea:

The oldest of them all is a good old cup of hot tea. Its been here for ages and many people suffering from common cold prefer to have a cup of hot tea. Just like bone broth, drinking hot tea will also give you instant relief. 

It will help in clearing your mucus. Just dont drink it too hot. Natural tea consists of many healthy nutrients and minerals that are perfect for common colds. Having black tea can be even more beneficial as it will provide relief and also effect the growth of bacteria. 


Honey is great for your throat and better if taken with cinnamon powder. Honey contains antibacterial properties that aid in the relief of the sickness. 

Honey is highly nutritious, healthy and has tons of health benefits. Which i can list out in this article. The best thing about honey is that you can take it with anything. It’s better to use honey with warm turmeric milk. 

Honey is great for your immune system as well. Some people still use it to heal wounds while others use it as dressing of wounds. Due to its antibacterial properties, you should use this to soothe your throat from that cough itch. 


These two foods are what you need right now if you want to treat your illness. Not only broth and tea are good your common cold, but they are great for other reasons as well. They are healthy and nutritious and provide great health benefits. You should ask someone or can go and make yourself one bowl of chicken bone broth or a cup of hot tea. If your cold has increased symptoms then these foods might not do their job, you might need heavy medication for that or can consult a doctor. These foods are just to give you natural relief from your pain, and if the condition is not that worsen then it can do the job of medication as well.

Because we are not taking care of what we are eating and what type of lifestyle we are in, various types of viruses are spreading. Coronavirus is one of them.

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