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11 steps to book the best wedding venue

Don’t you want your wedding to be perfect? From the colour of the lehenga to the intricate mehndi, each of it should be perfect and to top it all, the wedding venue is the ultimate cherry on the cake. Here are some of the tips to book the perfect wedding venue for the picture-perfect wedding

  1. Detailed planning

The first step first, pen down everything that you want from the venue. Decide the time, your wedding look, chance possibilities and everything else. If you want, appoint a wedding planner and hand it over to the appointed person about your requirements. 

  1. Plan the budget

Sit with your fiance and decide on the budget- how much to spend where in order to fulfill your vision. Keep in mind all possibilities, jot down the estimation of every single detail. In short, prioritize all things along with last-minute expenses. 

  1. List the number of guests

Estimate the number of guests and be prepared for 11th hour R.S.V.Ps. the choice of your venue depends largely on the number of guests. Whether it has the options to accommodate extra people or at least, they could arrange other options. 

  1. Check availability

If you haven’t fixed on a date, check if the venue is available for the tentative date. 

  1. Tour the venue

Tour the entire venue along with its surroundings. Get to know what it has to offer and think if you are happy with its location, view and the area. Check if the location is easily accessible, whether it will provide the basic amenities. 

  1. Keep a check on the climatic conditions.

You need to know the weather and how the climatic conditions are going to be around the time you plan your big day. The weather will have a major role to play while planning outdoor weddings. You need to ensure whether your guests have space for proper seating if the weather goes topsy-turvy. 

  1. Ensure guest experiences

Not only you, but the venue also has lots to do with the happiness of your guests. Make them feel special and wanted, enjoy every minute of their presence, also give them something worth remembering. These things really matter for good wishes come straight from the heart and it’s all related to the way one feels. 

  1. Learn venue police wedding venue

Every wedding venue that you want to book comes with a list of policies. Take out time for going through them to avoid last-minute confusion. See what the entire venue has to offer along with its rules and restrictions. Read about the time deadline, the expectations that they have from you. 

  1. Highlight your needs

Considering your personality and wishes as a couple, let the wedding venue decorations, theme and every other thing be just the way you want it to be. Your guests should feel connected and you and your partner should feel the bond getting stronger. The presence of all good things will make you feel good and lift up your mood. 

  1. One event at a time

Often there can be more than one event at a time in banquet halls and hotels. If there is some other event taking place simultaneously in rooms close to yours, more number of cars would be parked in the parking lot and the number of people using the lift would increase. If you think this could be a problem scheduling your wedding where there is no simultaneous event taking place. If you want to stick to that particular venue, visit it on a dual-party night just to check how much the chaos is and if it really is a problem. 

  1. Event timing

Visit the site at the same time of the day that you’ve chosen for your wedding. The place might look romantic by candlelight. But are you sure the same venue would look the same during the day? 


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