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10 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Website

Update Website

In times of changing algorithms of Google, it is imperative for you to update your website for better reach and conversions. In this article, we at Creative Think Media would unveil the secrets to grow your organic reach by updating your website.

Being one of the best Digital advertising agency, we have drawn some amazing conclusions from our client’s case-studies. 

Make sure you read the article till the end to gain great insights about how your website can help you with your sales and marketing funnels. 

So without waiting much, let us get into the article!

  1. Fabulous Design for visual appeal: 
  • Leave Google’s algorithm aside and consider your target audience. Will they like landing on a website that looks chaotic? Absolutely no! 
  • It takes 50 milliseconds for a user to form an impression of your website, so make it appealing.
  • You can change the look of your website by using images that match the message of your company. This way, your pictures would speak for themselves. Make sure that the images that you use are neither blur nor dull. 
  • Being an SEO agency which helps you promote your business, we highly recommend you to get your website redesigned for a better engagement rate. 
  1. Decreased Loading Time For Better Engagement:
  • You might have an on-point online strategy, but when the user lands on your website, it takes ages to load. Well, that is where you might lose a prospect for your product. Hence, it is essential to update your website, use the next-gen plugins, and optimize it. 
  • For starters, you can reduce the size of the images and videos on your website.
  • You can also choose a better hosting service if you have a lot of product images on your e-commerce platform. 
  1. Update Content For Context Setting:
  • You have an impeccable website design? Great job! However, it is very important to update your website’s content according to the latest copywriting trends.
  • Make sure that your content delivers value to your user.
  • Also, write content that not only explains the purpose of your business but also explains the problem that your business solves. 
  1. Social Media Integration:
  • It is vital to inform your users about your business’ daily or weekly activities, achievements, and news. What is better for this purpose than social media handles.
  • So when someone visits your website, make sure that you redirect them to your social media fanbase
  • This way, you will have better engagement over your social media handles too!
  1. Add A Call To Action For Better Conversion Rate:
  • Call To Action is a simple button that you can add to your landing pages to redirect the users to the payment segment. 
  • This way, you will reduce the number of clicks that the user has to do before making a purchase on your website. 
  • Having a CTA button on all your landing pages can increase the time a user spends on your website on an average.
  1. Have A User-Friendly Website For Better Navigation
  • Great design does not only mean great colours, font, and images. It also means the ease with which your users can find the landing page they came looking for.
  • For example, you are an SEO agency that offers PR services. However, if the user cannot find your PR services page, landing on your website would be a waste of time for him/her. 
  • Hence, it is vital to make a defined flow of your website so that the user can quickly go back and forth to understand your offerings better.
  1. Capture Emails Of The Users For Better Retargeting:
  • Great website design, engaging content and appropriate CTAs; if you have all these on your website, then the next step is to capture the contact details of your users/visitors
  • This will help you in retargeting your user via email marketing, SMS marketing, or social media marketing. 
  • 68.07% of users do not make a purchase the first time they visit a website. Hence capturing their contact details can help you retarget them and make them purchase items in your carts faster. 
  1. Add SEO Friendly Tags In Your Website For Better Ranking:
  • It is very important for a brand to add title tags, meta tags, and alt tags on their website. 
  • These tags help brands in getting more traffic to their website by means of search and image SEO. 
  • Keep in mind to update and add new tags every time you add a new product or piece of information on your website.
  • You can connect with us for making your website SEO friendly as we are one of the best SEO agencies in India. 

In conclusion, you need to understand that your website is your online shop. You have to keep it updated so that new and existing visitors find value in it. Also, if you are looking for complete Digital marketing solutions, you can connect with Creative Think Media, the best digital marketing services provider, to help you!

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