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What Skills do You Need to be a Mobile Phone Engineer?

What Skills do You Need to be a Mobile Phone Engineer?

Engineering is a popular and lucrative career choice, with more people (both young and old) deciding to enter the field of engineering and become a trained engineer. One of the benefits of engineering is that the term is exceptionally broad and is not limiting. You can apply for an engineering course and decide to specialize in a specific field. For instance, you can train to become a:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Industrial engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Chemical engineer

Each one of those job titles has their own requirements and career prospects, so if you are looking to become an engineer, it is essential to have the right knowledge of which title will lead you towards your dream engineering job.

But what about mobile phone engineering? Mobile phone engineers typically fall under the category of electrical engineer. However, their engineering skills will be used in the designing of smartphone software, as well as the designing, installing, and maintaining of wired and wireless phone networks. They may also design smartphone apps. 

Are you interested in a career in mobile phone engineering? Or perhaps you’re curious about a career in engineering in general? If so, the following guide will explain what a mobile phone engineer does, how you can become one, and whether engineering is a profitable career in general.

What is Mobile Phone Engineering?

Very rarely will you find someone without a smartphone, and many of us are glued to our smartphones, unable to put them down. This is because smartphones offer us a variety of apps for us to lose ourselves in. What’s more, their well-designed hardware and software makes them user-friendly and quicker and easier to use than a desktop computer. 

As a mobile phone engineer, you may be expected to:

  • Develop mobile apps
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Update software and apps
  • Design hardware
  • Find solutions

Mobile engineers may also wish to specialize in iOS apps, Windows apps, or Android apps. Of course, specializing in more than one or all software applications will make you more marketable.

How to Become a Mobile Engineer

The correct education or apprenticeship is essential when it comes to starting a career in mobile engineering. It is expected that all engineers have a degree in computer science, computer programming or similar if they wish to enter the field and land their first job. 


A Bachelor’s degree is the most common qualification for an engineer, and as previously mentioned, it should be a degree in computer sciences or similar. This is because of the technical skills you will learn during the course, such as knowing how to code, create and maintain websites, software and apps. Those who hold a computer science degree or equivalent are in the position to enter a variety of engineering fields such as finance programmer, game developer, and IT manager.

Aside from the technical skills, a degree will also teach aspiring engineers how to tackle common and difficult problems, as well as apply critical thinking when troubleshooting any issues. Critical thinking is essential for engineers. This is because their field requires practical thinking, decision-making and pinpoint accuracy. One wrong move could delay a software launch by a few months, costing the company a lot of money.

Once you have graduated and secured a degree in a relevant field, there is always the opportunity improve the skills you have learned. Aspiring mobile phone engineers may wish to earn a Master’s in engineering management so that they can enhance their communication and leaderships. If this sounds like something you would like to do, click here to see how it can give you a competitive edge. 

Required Skills

A successful engineer will have a combination of soft and hard skills so that they can problem solve efficiently, but also work well with co-workers. As an engineer, you will be expected to have strong skills in:

Problem Solving

A large part of an engineer’s job is to take a problem and solve it quickly and within budget. Critical thinking comes into play with problem solving as you may need to think outside the box and try numerous solutions before finding one that sticks. You will have to keep a cool head when problem solving, as succumbing to pressure can cause issues to arise and mistakes to happen. Here are some useful tips on how to develop your problem-solving skills

Computer Science

Regardless of the field of engineering you end up working in, you are more than likely expected to work with computers. Programming skills are valuable in most engineering roles, especially for those wanting to pursue a job in mobile phone engineering. 

Pressure Management

Learning how to remain calm and work under pressure is essential for all engineers, especially when trying to fix and alleviate a problem with a deadline and budget. You will have to learn to deliver in many different high stress situations, so finding the best ways to work under stress is essential. 


While solo engineering jobs do exist, most will require a team of engineers to work together when solving a problem or building a software or piece of hardware. You will want to improve your communication skills and learn how to cooperate with your team. By doing do, you and your teammates will perform to the best of your ability and become more likely to bounce ideas off one another. 


Discussing plans and designs with teammates and employers is a big part of being an engineer. Therefore, you will want to learn how to communicate properly and come across as articulate. Clear communication can reduce the likelihood of mistakes and accidents from happening, which will, in turn, increase productivity and efficiency. 

Like any career, there are specific qualifications and skills needed to enter the field of mobile engineering and become successful. You will need to ensure you have the correct degree as well as improve the skills and talents required to help you flourish in such a high-stress environment. However, if you have the dedication and drive to become a mobile engineer, this is a profitable job to consider. 

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