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What Is Fashion Photography? – The Beginner’s Guide

What Is Fashion Photography? - The Beginner’s Guide

People with a passion for photography and an interest in fashion feel right at home working as fashion photographers. But it can be a rocky road for beginners. There are a few fundamentals that everyone pursuing fashion photography must learn about. First up are the different categories of fashion photography. The three most common categories have been discussed below.


Editorial Fashion Photography

The models are photographed at different locations and in different outfits throughout the day. The theme of the shoot is communicated to the model, who is then responsible for portraying the role given to them using relevant facial expressions. This kind of photography is usually featured in fashion magazines, and the idea is to create an impact or a statement.

High Fashion Photography

High Fashion photography is all about putting together an image or a look. The purpose is not necessarily to sell a product but to promote or distinguish the brand by showcasing their designing prowess. Everything, including the apparel, the accessories, hair and makeup, even the lighting is exaggerated and over-the-top. Models for such photo-shoots are usually celebrities, including supermodels, actors, singers, etc.

Street Fashion Photography

It is the most current and relatable style of fashion photography. The idea is to photograph the model out in the real world, doing real-world stuff like going to the grocery store, doing chores, or carrying shopping bags. These are looks that are trending and that people can replicate.

There is no tried-and-tested recipe that one can follow to become a successful fashion photographer. The only way to learn is by doing. But the tips given below will definitely be useful for beginners.

Fashion Comes First

What people easily forget is that when it comes to fashion photography, the model is not the point of the picture. It is the fashion – the clothes, the shoes, the hair, the makeup, or the accessories – it could be one of these things, a combination, or all of them. The model is just an instrument. A seasoned fashion photographer keeps that in mind while working. He/she directs the models to accentuate the apparel.

Theme Development

The clicked pictures do not exist in a vacuum. For the photographs to have meaning, there needs to be an underlying theme, concept, or story to tie them all together. The theme dictates everything else – the model, the makeup, the lighting, the background, and the location.


Creativity & Innovation

Creativity & innovation also play a crucial role in making a great fashion photographer. It may feel like everything has already been done, and that people have already seen everything. But it is in this challenge that an innovative fashion photographer finds an opportunity. They will make sure that the model doesn’t just pose with her legs crossed and her hands on her waist the whole time. They will direct the model to come up with a unique pose. Or they might go with a regular pose but make the background or the lighting interesting.

Collaboration & Communication

Fashion photography is a collaborative effort. The theme must be communicated to everyone, and they must believe in it, be it the makeup artist or the set designer. The model must also be convinced that the photographer will do their best the make them look good. After all, a fashion model’s entire portfolio is made up of pictures from fashion photo-shoots.

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