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Creative thinking is a way of looking at problems or challenges from a fresh perspective, thinking differently, and coming up with new solutions. While the term ‘creative’ is usually associated with people like designers, musicians, or others pursuing artistic endeavors, being creative is a common trait that all of us possess or imbibe. Rearranging our furniture, making our kitchens more functional, and even putting together a birthday party are everyday situations that call for creative thinking.

Creative thinking can be an unstructured process, such as an open discussion with people involved in the task or structured processes, encompassing exercises and step by step progression.


Thinking differently and providing new angles and perspectives to an issue tends to throw a different light on us. It makes us stand apart, creating a visible difference in how people perceive us, which makes being creative an effective trait to succeed at our workplaces and in our careers. Furthermore, pursuing examples of critical thinking strengthens our mental fortitude.

Being creative gives us a sense of independence. We engage with the world without judging ourselves, immersed only in solving the problem at hand. We tend not to be bound by constraints or what others may think of us— exactly why children tend to be far more creative in their expressions and activities than adults.

We get to know ourselves when we are creative. In being creative, our thoughts and observations help us stretch our mental boundaries and utilize our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It further helps us explore our own abilities and gain a deeper understanding about ourselves.

We build confidence in ourselves. By tapping into our creative abilities, we shape our sense of individualism, gain confidence in our ideas, and begin contributing to the needs and tasks at and beyond our workplaces. We gradually open ourselves to newer experiences and strengthen our ability to never shy away from challenges.

We become perceptive and empathetic. Being sensitive and compassionate is essential to the creative process. We need to immerse ourselves in the problems and challenges that we are working to solve. Often, we may not even have a direct stake in the outcome of situations that we have been called upon to address. When we are strategically thinking and taking ownership of someone else’s problem, we reinforce our sense of empathy.

We become open-minded. Yes, creativity liberates us. We set aside our biases or assumptions and encourage ourselves to look at challenges in a new way. We motivate ourselves to overcome our mental barriers and break old norms and perceived limitations. Every successful entrepreneur had to break the rules of the game at some point in their lives. Whether it was Steve Jobs or now Elon Musk, their creative work revolutionized the industry by looking at things differently.

We become great communicators. You may have a great idea or a unique way of getting something done, but you cannot convince someone of your thoughts and perspectives if you are unable to communicate effectively. And this applies to both written and verbal communication skills. Presenting your idea to a room full of potential investors requires a great report and persuasive communication skills.


Creative thinking broadens our horizons. We learn to break through old molds, shape new ideas, and forge ways forward. What yoga does to every muscle and sinew in our bodies, creative thinking does to our mental construct. Being creative provides us a powerful way to grow with the changing world around us. It pushes us to learn new skills, think differently, and start questioning every status quo. So long as you have the patience to learn and develop yourself, you too can be a creative thinker!

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