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Top HIIT Exercises To Burn Fat And Build Muscles

Top HIIT Exercises To Burn Fat And Build Muscles

HIIT or high-intensity interval training is getting popular among fitness enthusiasts. You may think it is a kind of workout where you are sweating profusely without any rest for hours on end. This is far from the truth! HIIT involves a short duration of intense exercises with adequate rests in between. During a HIIT session, your muscles get oxygen-deprived, and hence your body works on fat loss even after your workout session for 24-48 hours. Moreover, you build muscles also when you do HIIT simultaneously while losing fat. However, you need to be mindful of the exercises and form for effective results. Here are some of the top HIIT exercises to burn fat and build muscles.


Burpees is one of the most dreadful yet effective exercises in HIIT. It involves all the muscles in your body, such as calves, core, quads, chest, shoulders, hamstrings, glutes, biceps, lats, and triceps. It can be broken down into two parts: the pushup and the other a jump and leap. Burpees are quite easy as you do not need any equipment or weights. Just pay attention to your posture and keep your spine straight at all times.

High Knees

Another easy to do exercise which requires no machinery or weight is high knees. It can be done according to your fitness level and speed. However, in HIIT, you need to have a fast pace. To perform a high knee, make some gap between your legs and then bring one leg at a time to your chest. Keep your hands parallel to the ground and try touching your knees to your hands at a running speed.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is an exercise that can be done anywhere. It is also known as side-straddle hop and focuses on your whole body. If you remember your school days, this exercise was a must in morning warm-ups. This exercise helps increase your heart rate and toning your muscles, as well as building strength in your legs. Make sure you are doing the movements without folding your arms or bending your knees.

Rope Jumping

Rope Jumping is one of those exercises that everyone loves, be it a kid or an adult. Many people prefer it over running because it is fun and easy to do. Moreover, you can do it in the comfort of your home. Apart from being enjoyable, it burns many calories and is an intense exercise that builds your leg strength, balance, and brain focus.


If we are talking about HIIT, then how can we forget about pushups! Many beginners struggle to perform a single pushup properly, whereas fitness experts perform them in unique ways. These are one of the most effective bodyweight exercises for toning the upper body. Practice them daily if you have just started, the transition from wall-push ups to knee push ups, and finally, a full-fledged pushup will happen gradually.


HIIT is a type of workout that can either be done at the gym or home, basically wherever you like. However, it is best to learn it from experts to understand proper posture and form.


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