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Top Five Cutting Machine Solutions for Your Industrial Business

Top Five Cutting Machine Solutions for Your Industrial Business

Cutting machines are used in so many industries to precisely cut out materials in the shapes you need to send off to your customers or to be put together in a final product. Knowing your options is critical if your business handles the manufacturing of products and is in the market for a new cutting machine. There are so many cutting machine solutions out there, and not everyone is going to suit your needs, your budget, or even your values. 

This guide outlines the top cutting machine types on the market today so that you can easily determine which one suits your business needs: 


  • Oxy-fuel Cutting Machines


The oxy-fuel cutting machines from Kerf Developments are highly accurate and provide high levels of precision. An oxy-fuel cutting machine is a CNC-cutting machine that is similar to a plasma cutter in that it uses a small torch to precisely cut out sheet metal. The technology behind it has been in use for over 100 years, and it continues to prevail as a leading cutting machine solution. 


  • Plasma Cutting Machines


Plasma cutters use a plasma arc to cut through metal. It is ideal for metals that cannot be cut effectively with flame-cutting equipment on their own. Though not as accurate as some laser cutters, it does work quickly. A plasma cutter is the best choice for your business when you need simple cutouts. 


  • Waterjet Cutting Machines 


Waterjet cutting machines are incredibly robust and can cut through whatever material you need. It uses an abrasive grit and a high-pressure jet of water to create precision cuts on the surface of your metal. It’s so strong you can even use this option to cut carbon steel. 


  • Band Knife Cutting Machine


Band knife cutting machines are a form of semi-automatic cutting machine that is primarily used in the textiles industry to cut out patterns. The blade comes down from the top and is balanced out with a counterweight so that users can expertly maneuver the machine and get the shapes they need. 


  • Die Cutting Machine 


Die cutting machines are ideal for producing small shapes or motifs. Industrial options can cut out almost anything. Paper card stock, fabric, foil, foam, and even thin sheet metal can be cut with a die-cutting machine. These machines can cut out shapes and be used for engraving or embossing material with logos, words, or patterns. Those in the manufacturing business commonly use industrial die-cutting machines to save time and ensure product uniformity. The clear space on some envelopes that is used to display the recipient’s name and address was done by a die-cutting machine. 

When determining what cutting machine is best for your business, you must first acknowledge that no cutting machine can do it all. Knowing what main jobs and materials you need to work with is a good place to start. Work out operating costs and which machine will produce more for your business to help you determine the right fit for you.

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