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Top 7 Most Popular EMR Software Companies in 2020

Top 7 Most Popular EMR Software Companies in 2020

Just like any other industry, digital transformation has taken over healthcare in the medical field. Medical care is shifting from paper-based methods to electronic ones to streamline their work and procedures while managing patients record, monitor patients, manage appointments and what not is being done with the help of innovative products readily available in the market. Depending on their usage, healthcare centres and even individual practitioners can get in touch with vendors of EMR software companies to make their selection process a lot easier as there are numerous companies offering a so called ‘comprehensive, useful and cost effective EMR software’.

The Shift to EMR Software

With digital transformation, the shift can be seen notably in the adoption of EMR systems also known as electronic medical records- a digital version of a patient’s paper chart and EHR systems known as electronic health records. These software solutions include various functions that can be of great help, including applications like clinical notes during consultation, electronic prescriptions of medicines and integration application across the hospital to ease communication and data exchange. Modern healthcare systems now rely on software, though the implementation can be difficult for many.

With the integration, physicians and administrative staff can work hand-in-hand which can help medical practices manage the patient appointments and billing.

How to Choose the Right EMR?

Finding the right EMR partner can be a daunting task, as such, there are many factors to consider when selecting which company to partner with. Most of us might think of the price and accessibility, but these are not the only considerations, others that you should consider include the effectiveness of tools like billing and medical history, the level of support from the vendors during implementation period and post it and the softwares interoperability with other softwares used in the healthcare centre.

The Challenges for EMR Adoption

EHR and EMR systems can be complicated and complex to set up on your own without proper assistance and training, so implementation support is especially important. To ensure that you transition smoothly from your existing system to a new solution it is important to find a good EMR vendor.

Moreover, with the options available you have to choose according to business scope, workflow and budget to ensure the EMR software works best for you.

The Solution for EMR Software

The researching journey can be lengthy and might require you to invest some significant amount of time just to narrow down your choices. So below we have enlisted a series of the best EHR software you can look for, and everything that you can expect from them based on your needs.

AdvancedMD EHR Software

When it comes to offering a number of pricing options and implementation packages to suit the budget, AdvancedMD can be a great overall pick for medical practitioners. It is basically a cloud based software solution which is fully integrated with various pharmacies and labs. Moreover, this application is totally compliant. In July, 2020 they have come up with a release of two new features which makes it even more convenient: a dashboard for their mobile application and two-factor authentication with added security features for mobile app users.

Athenahealth EMR

Athenahealth is also a cloud-based software which provides network-enabled services for making lab orders, viewing lab results and linking results directly with the patient charts and patient portals for healthcare. It is also HIPAA compliant which ensures communication between doctors and patients ensuring maximum clinical productivity and quality healthcare.

The system can be integrated and support a number of specialities such as neurology, cardiology, nephrology and pediatrics. Moreover, to view incoming lab results doctors and administrative staff does not have to search through the whole database, it can be simply done with the help of digital diction and voice-recognition technology.

eClinicalWorks EHR

eClinicalWorks is used and raved among the medical professional and patients because of the features it provides along with easy access and intuitive styling. Along with HIPAA compliant it has a customizable system with a user-friendly interface making it easy to configure specific features.

One of the interesting features of eClinical is it’s virtual assistant, which can help the practitioners while viewing their patient’s progress, billings, booking appointments and taking notes during consultations. This telehealth solution also allows patients to communicate with their practitioners no matter the distance.

EpicCare EMR Software

It is a comprehensive patient health record system with robust features and functionalities which are designed to enhance patient safety, optimize efficiency with the unique workflow and reduce cost. Though with the functionalities, it is best suited for large health systems as it allows multiple users to work on the same documents at the same time and provides clinical decision support and data analytics tools to assist clinicians with the daily tasks. EpicCare also offers integration with mobile apps and other support tools.

Cerner EHR

Cerner is a hybrid EMR solution that can be used on-site or on cloud. One of the most important aspects of Cerner EMR is that it is highly customizable, meaning that it is compatible to be used in small to large practices. Other features include audio texting (making data entry easy), inputting information through means comfortable to you (in the form of text, voice or codes). This EMR software can be easily integrated with pharmacies and labs. Lastly, this is also HIPAA compliant.

Greenway Health EMR

Greenway Health EMR software is extremely flexible and customizable as it gives the users multiple ways to navigate the system and complete most tasks. With the versatile setting options it can easily adapt to any practice’s unique workflow, though it requires training to take advantage and adapt with the ease of use. Their main clientele mostly are small and independent practices because of its lower cost, improving the patient care and outcomes and navigating healthcare with the regulatory changes.

drChrono EMR Software

This EMR software is also one of the top performing and takes the position in our 7 most popular EMR software companies because of the smart features it provides. It helps to increase efficiency and streamline the entire workflow with the features like telemedicine, EMR and custom RCM services to help reduce operational costs. It offers a custom pricing plan in which health care centers and independent practitioners can select the services and functions they require to be integrated for daily tasks, appointments and schedules.

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