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Thermal scanner and it’s uses

Thermal Scanner

Thermal scanners are those devices which translate the thermal energy into a visible light source. This way, you will be able to analyse an object r a scene. The image produced by these scanners are known as thermograms, and the process of analysing these images is known as thermography.

How do thermal scanners work?

The light which we see around us every day is just one part of the electromagnetic spectrum. On the other hand, the infrared radiation and the electromagnetic spectrum, take up the more significant percentage of the range. To understand and get the idea of the more substantial part of the spectrum, we have to use devices that allow us to look at them. This is where the thermal scanner comes in. After absorbing the light, the objects reflect it and transmit the energy at different levels. The thermal scanner will detect the energy and give us a clear picture.

Now let’s take a look at their applications

  1. Controlling of disease: – these thermal scanners can quickly check all the incoming passengers at railway stations, malls, airports, metro stations, etc. for the elevated temperature. Thermal scanners are perfect for detecting fevers, especially during pandemics like COVID-!9, bird flu, SARS, etc.


  1. Detecting gas leakage: – some of the thermal scanners can detect gases and other stuff near the industrial areas and pipelines.


  1. Surveillance: – thermal scanners are also used by the police and armed forces to track submarines, humans, etc.


  1. Fighting fires: – these thermal scanners can quickly check and identify the area which has caught fire, or if something is about to reignite.


  1. Marine navigation: – as stated earlier, these scanners can easily detect any other vessel, ships, boats, submarines, etc. during the nights. The reason behind this is that the engines, as well as the body of the vessel, release a lot of heat in contrast to the water.


  1. Search and rescue operations: – since human bodies radiate heat, it is effortless to search them in dark rooms, or rooms which are either filled with smog or smoke with the help of the thermal scanner.


  1. For preventing road accidents: – thermal scanners allows the people to drive on the road to see animals or humans who aren’t visible to the naked eye even with headlights or street lights. These scanners are appreciated because they don’t need any visible light for operation.


  1. Preventive maintenance: – the thermal scanners are used to perform all sorts of safety checks that help reduce the fires as well as premature product failure.


  1. Counter – surveillance: – these thermal scanners can also detect surveillance equipment like the hidden cameras, listening devices, etc. since these devices emit heat, which can be trapped easily by these scanners.


  1. Pests:- the thermal scanners can easily find those hidden pesky pests like rats, lizards, etc. on your roof or cupboard.


  1. Rescuing animals:- like humans, the animals too emit heat, so it is very easy to find wildlife that is trapped or stranded in those areas which are hard to access. At times there are animals hidden inside our roof, finding them would be easy because of the thermal scanners.


  1. Detecting termite infestation: – with the help of thermal scanners, finding the areas infested by termites is very easy. This is also the reason why the majority of the termite services use these scanners.


  1. Surveying the wildlife area:- the thermal scanners play an essential role in the life of ecologists, they help in conducting wildlife surveys without harming the animals.


  1. Helps in finding Muscular problems:- the thermal imaging scanners are handy in finding a lot of disorders related to limbs. Back as well as neck


  1. Helps in finding blood circulation problems:- the thermal scanners help in detecting issues that are related to veins; it also helps in finding the circulatory disorders in the patient.


  1. Health issues in animals (horse): The thermal scanners are used to detect health issues in horses like saddle problems, hoof issues, and tendon problems


  1. Helps in finding infections: – since there is a disbalance in body temperature when the person has an infection, the thermal scanner will help determine the areas where the infection is.


  1. Electrical defects in solar panels: – the thermal scanners can easily detect the electrical defaults and the hot spots in a solar panel


  1. Overheating in components: – at times, the overheating in some elements go unnoticed. But with the help of thermal scanners, you can save yourself and your house from any damage. The thermal scanners can easily detect any deformity because of the infrared spectrum.


  1. Detecting leakages: – at times, finding the source of leakage can be difficult, so many plumbers have started carrying thermal scanners so that they can quickly identify the leakage and treat it.


Infrared Thermometer :

Infrared Thermometer are handheld devices used to monitor and record temperature of different kinds of objects.The temperature of the objects are measured bu using the heat eminating from its surface.

Infraredred Thermometer are very useful to scan a large number of people for temperature or a huge number of objects in a very less amount of time.
Infrared Thermometer are cost effective when compared to Thermal Scanners.
infrared thermometers are used widely in schools,offices ,shopping malls,hotels,airports etc.

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