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The Look of the Products in CBD packaging Boxes

The Look of the Products in CBD packaging Boxes

Each year, millions of CBD packaging passes through the hands of the people. They now constitute the most important volume of the contents of the bins and still end up mainly in a landfill or an incinerator. To curb this scourge, sorting is not enough. You must reduce CBD packaging waste at the source.

Opt For Simplicity

In some departments, the CBD packaging can be a criterion for the choice of the product given the diversity of the offer. So prefer soap with paper CBD packaging rather than a shower gel in a plastic shell, or refills of products (soap, washing powder, detergents) to pour into a dispenser bottle. With some exceptions, drink tap water rather than bottled water. Water sold in bottles generates 10 to 20 million m 3 of waste per year.

Avoid Over packing

When purchasing, choose the simplest CBD display box where a single layer is enough to protect the product. Do not use products that have a double, or even a triple CBD packaging, such as these cookies placed in a plastic tray covered with plastic film, all slipped into a cardboard box.

Favor the Recyclable

Glass is a good choice criterion when shopping because it is definitely recyclable. For other types of CBD packaging, the logo developed by the Environment and Energy Management Agency constitutes a reliable benchmark. Unfortunately, this is not affixed directly to the products. You have to go to the manufacturer’s website to find it. Watch out for the green point. It does not mean that the CBD packaging will be recycled. It only materializes the compulsory contribution of manufacturers, intended to finance the treatment of household CBD packaging waste.

Prefer Cardboard to Plastic

Less harmful to the environment and easily recyclable, cardboard CBD packaging is preferable to plastic. Plastic has a recycling rate of only 21%. Comparatively, paper and cardboard are recycled at 56%.

If Plastic, Prefer Recycled Plastic

Don’t be fooled by the fashion for plant-based plastics. Their environmental record is far from trivial. On the other hand, recycled plastic pollutes less than plants. It saves non-renewable resources, consumes less energy than virgin raw material, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and goes for sorting.

Favor Reusable Products

Reusable products also avoid wasting the natural resources used to produce them. In the case of refillable products, only the consumable part is manufactured for each use (blade, cartridge, etc.). The resources consumed to manufacture the initial product are thus amortized over a much longer life.

Thinking about Bulk Sales

Prefer products sold by the cut (meat, cheese) or fruits and vegetables in bulk. Bulk sales, which have developed in organic stores or in certain brands, constitute an attractive alternative to packaged products, in particular for cereals, pulses, dried fruits, cookies, etc.

Reuse Packaging

In local shops or at the market, take your egg cartons and plastic trays with you for your purchases. When you go shopping, remember to take the bags that were previously provided to you in the store to carry fruits and vegetables, for example.

The Advantages of Transparent Packaging

Transparent CBD packaging offers optimum protection and at the same time is an attractive showcase for the element that really should stand out: your product.

  • Take advantage of expertise and choose:
  • Transparent folding boxes proven and developed
  • Transparent boxes freely designed according to your ideas
  • Round boxes

The synergy of design and functionality: Transparent CBD packaging that catches the eye

As a manufacturer with a long tradition of transparent CBD packaging and other sheet products of various types, you know the importance of CBD packaging. Protection from external influences is not the only element that plays an important role. Emphasis is also placed on a successful combination of utility and expressiveness. The visual aspect is decisive here for whether the product is purchased or not. 


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