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SailPoint launches the updates to SaaS Identity Platform to enhance the business processes 

SailPoint launches the updates to SaaS Identity Platform to enhance the business processes 

In this world of advancements, every technology is trying to improve its features with some latest updates that are helping to build a dynamic business environment. In today’s world, it is quite essential for the technology platforms to re-build, automate the processes in the enterprise. Along with the latest technologies, SailPoint also has come up with the latest updates that are planned to the Saas identity platform. To gain a clear understanding about the Saipoint features and updates, it is recommended to undergo Sailpoint training. The Sailpoint updates that are into the picture will help the enterprise to automate the identity processes to meet and match the requirements in today’s era of living.

The planned updates include the access request recommendations, role insights, different leverage machine learning algorithms to ensure that the Sailpoint vision is delivered. Amidst the pandemic, we see that there is a shift into the remote work, which is one of the most critical situations faced by the employees or individuals. Sailpoint has come up with the set of innovations in IdentityNow – a comprehensive platform. Below are the set of the improvements that have been made to ensure that the security and compliance gaps are resolved. The updates also came up with the implementations that would help the organizations to meet their business deliverables efficiently though they do not have the right resources and teams.

The improvements to IdentityNow have come up with the Dynamic Discovery Engine, which is an innovative engine that is responsible for enabling the users to perform access reviews, dashboards, reporting, build the policies. With these latest enhancements, IdentityNow is also capable of meeting the security and compliance issues that are occurring in almost every organization.

The Dynamic Discovery Engine has come up with some attractive features that facilitate the proper delivery of the requirements to the organization.

  1. Dynamic Access Reviews in SailPoint helps in reviewing and addressing the address discrepancies, identification of the entitlement and application owners within a short span of time, mostly within seconds. It also helps in implementing the certification campaign, which is intended to fulfil the compliance requirements and the audit requirements.
  2. Sailpoint has come up with the Tailored dashboards that help in empowering the user with a 360-degree view of all identity related chores along with an intuitive view to provide an approval for the requests that have to be completed.
  3. The dynamic discovery engine also includes refined audit reporting that will help you with the details and also provide the reports about the information on who has the access, who has granted the access, also related to the violation of the policies.
  4. The dynamic discovery engine also includes the policy management called Organized Separation of Duty (SoD) that will help in the acceleration of the process of examining the access, providing new ideas and implementations in discovering the access-related concerns or conflicts of interest and also include the development of the automated policies to ensure that the compliance is maintained and achieved.

How do Salipoint Updates help the enterprises?

Most of the business leaders have shared their opinion stating that identity management is the foundation for the digital business. There will be a strategy that is hidden behind every single access decision taken across the organization.This will ultimately lead to the speedup of the process and business.

With the updates in Sailpoint, it is essential for us to know how the updates are helping the organization. Let us have a quick review now.

  1. Accelerate the delivery of the access using the intuitive recommendations: The updates in the Sailpoint have paved the way for the organizations to suggest the access related information, of what the user needs using the machine learning recommendations. It also makes use of the approval engine to ensure that the access is never the bottleneck to a worker’s productivity.
  2. Maintain access across the organization efficiency and effectively: The latest updates in Sailpoint will utilize the automated access modelling measures that make sure that the roles adapt to the IT environment and dynamic workforce.

Sailpoint’s extension in the market for its Saas identity governance solution:

As we all know that Sailpoint is playing one of the leading roles in enterprise identity management, IdentityNow is one of the fastest-growing segment in the business of Sailpoint. We know that the nature of the company is changing daily. Hence, in this digitized world, the enterprise also has to be digitized as there is high importance to meet the client deliverables and meet the competitive edge in this business world.

The new and the latest IdentityNow Access request is responsible for providing a mobile-ready interface, which is simple to deliver a self-service access request process to the different people involved in the organization. The individuals could be either employee, business partners and contractors. With the new updated feature of the Access request, there is no need for the employees to wait for the IT. The users are allowed to request access for corporate applications, and the access will be provided immediately.

All the improvements are invested in the identity access management program to make sure that the security aspects and governance abilities will match the pace of the business. Hence, it is said that SailPoint’s SaaS solution has brought up many advancements and achievements that helped to meet the business goals.

For streamlining, identifying the advancements in the process, the IT teams will need an autonomous approach which has made the organizations or enterprises to focus on Identity Now to understand, analyze and keep the pace in this changing environment.


Speeding up the business in this world of advancements turns to be a tedious task. With the updated features in Sailpoint, the organizations are taking a breath and also are able to meet the client specifications, requirements along with client satisfaction, as it is one of the key aspect considered by every enterprise. As Salesforce is leading, I would recommend you to get clear understanding about Sailpoint which would help you get an indepth knowledge on the subject. For a promising career, I think this would help you in attaining the best position in an organization.


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