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Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In The Field Of Healthcare

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Health is wealth. Technology can help preserve your health. Now, the latest wonder of technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI). There’s a lot of room for improvement in the area but there’s also a lot to catch up with in the world of 2020. 

 Thus healthcare is one area where AI has a lot to give for humanity, no matter how far ahead it already has gone. Nowadays, AI-powered devices are helping improve health care systems all over the world. These promise a chance at better decision making, reduced diagnosis and treatment time, with an increase in the accuracy. It also allows you to integrate information and time on administration duties.   You can get trained in AI by staying within the comforts of your home by taking a good Artificial Intelligence Online Course.

Worldwide penetration of AI:

In some countries, governments are introducing strategies to incorporate artificial intelligence in various fields. Speaking of the use of AI in UAE, the government has introduced a national program for the effective implementation government’s policies. The Artificial intelligence-powered healthcare market may increase at a 39.4 % CAGR to 10 billion USD by 2024, in terms of worldwide revenue.  

This article aims to elaborate on the advantages that AI has there for the field of healthcare.  

Five advantages of AI to the Healthcare field

Many people still do not realize the level of penetration of AI in the life of a common man, but it is already making lives easier. The use of AI-powered devices is increasing all over the world. In the field of healthcare, the practitioners are feeling facilitated in their jobs in the following ways;


  • Better data-driven decisions


It has long been debated that when robots become a commonplace thing, whether the machines will replace doctors as well. While that is not happening anytime soon, they are surely all set, in fact, have already begun to compliment them in their job. 

AI technology is enabling doctors to make better, more informed decisions with a data-driven approach and promises a higher level of certainty in the diagnosis.  Not only does this make the job of a doctor easy but it also increases the probability of saving millions of lives depending on those decisions.  


  • Increased disease diagnosis efficiency


AI helps the doctors with the diagnosis. It is now easier than ever to tell when the condition of a patient is deteriorating and the intervention of a doctor is required. Machine learning has enabled a higher level of precision in the detection of diseases like cancer, thus increasing the chances of losing valuable lives.  

Machine learning can help automate the diagnostic process and give an increased chance of identification of tumor mutations. Cancer is just one example. Diagnosis efficiency is the brightest the future of the medical field can get. 


  • Treatment time and cost cut in half


With a higher level of efficiency promised for diagnosis and data-driven decision making, you can ensure that the treatment time reduces significantly. With an increasing level of certainty on the exact requirement of treatment, the number of hospital visits will fall. 

The rate of hospitalization may also reduce significantly. Artificial intelligence has huge potential in its promise of reducing the treatment time of chronic diseases.


  • Integration of information


Medical records management is one of the major issues in healthcare organizations. The data is either not digitized or is not recorded at all so as to be reproduced when a patient revisits a hospital or a dispensary.

AI-powered technology makes it easy to manage all the information, preserve the records and integrate those records with the medical stats as well as administrative requirements of a health care facility. 


  • Time-saving administration duties


AI helps in the identification of mistakes in treatments as well as the inefficiencies in the workflow of a medical facility. AI-powered healthcare systems can reduce the frequency of hospitalizations.  The duty schedules of nursing and non-nursing staff will stand better managed with the help of AI algorithms. 

Thus apart from treating the diseases with much more ease and reducing the expense of treatment, the healthcare institutions will be able to manage their administrative and operational affairs better with the help of artificial intelligence. 

The future of AI in healthcare

The application of AI in healthcare can be patient-oriented, clinician oriented or administration oriented. All of this is essential to ensure health security in any society. Artificial intelligence may pave the way for a self-service for patients so as to reduce the number of hospital visits that people pay on average. It promises more choice and convenience.

The appointment scheduling may get more convenient and free of hassle. The bill payment to your health practitioner may get easier than ever before in history. Looking at all these benefits, the world community is increasingly investing in AI technology. There are various summits and exhibitions occurring in various locations, including the business hub that UAE is, which are drawing the attention of professionals from all parts of the world. 

The people interested in getting insights about the widespread application of artificial intelligence should consider attending events and exhibitions for AI in UAE to explore. It will help them learn the potential role of innovative technologies in their field of work.

The adoption of AI-powered healthcare tools will only increase with the passage of time. This includes areas of planning, diagnosis, treatment, and risk identification. Thus humanity will be able to have a better chance of risk mitigation and secure healthcare systems for patients, scientists, and doctors alike, given due attention.  

Should you rely on Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is producing highly efficient devices and is facilitating techniques in the field of medicine at a very rapid pace. But, it cannot offer an objective judgment, neither can it show empathy. So you cannot expect it to replace a human being in areas where an opinion based on the gut is required, but the areas where the key determinant in the making of a decision is a statistical or numerical value, you can depend on it.  

So, while reliance on the algorithms is inevitable, expecting it to replace human doctors is a far-fetched dream. 


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