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As Victoria Reopens, Will This Mean More Or Less Construction Work Is Available?

As Victoria Reopens, Will This Mean More Or Less Construction Work Is Available?

As Victoria is finally reopening, and Covid-19 cases are basically non-existent within the state, many businesses have now gotten back to regular production, with precautions, of course.

Slowly but surely office workers will return to their offices, and blue colour workers will also be able to get back to a full capacity worksite. 

What Does Reopening Mean For Construction Industry?

The restriction levels for the construction industry has moved to ‘Open with a COVID Safe Plan’ which means the construction industry can reopen, but each site needs to have a COVID Safe Plan.

Under the third stage of reopening, restrictions are consistent across all construction sites in Victoria, including the requirement of a permit, to be on a construction site. However, workers must also follow all COVID Safe principles and practices.

There is no limitation on workers attending multiple construction sites anymore; however, the movement of workers across the sites should be minimized by employers wherever possible, to slow down the transmission of coronavirus.

The specialised contractor list does not apply anymore. Any worker on a construction site can undertake any necessary works. Workers must operate under their business or employer’s COVID Safe Plan for each location.

All indoor and outdoor construction, renovations, installations, repairs and maintenance on vacated and occupied premises may occur across Victoria. All worksites should enable physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres to reduce person-to-person contact for workers and occupants.

Learn more about what the Third Step means for the construction industry at Industry restriction levels – Victoria.

But the question remains, will there be construction work available?

The answer is yes. Victoria has been under restrictions for a long time now; everyone’s life has taken a back seat. Now that the restrictions have finally eased, people want to complete their pending works or begin planned works, which means there will be a lot more construction work available.

The construction industry is better prepared this time to continue to “build, build, and build”. Construction leaders have moved quickly to adapt to the situation to recover as soon as possible. There are embracing technology wherever possible.

When the lockdown was announced, the construction sector had to deal with supply chain delays and temporary suspension of works. Now that raw materials and workers are available, the construction workers don’t want any further delays to their work.

However, when restarting, the most important thing to pay attention to is the safety of the workers. The right workwear, high-quality masks and sanitizer are all a crucial part of the new normal.

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