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What is your unusual strategy to boost web traffic to your site?

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Are you a budding entrepreneur with an e-commerce website? Are you a blogger struggling to boost web traffic? Whoever you are, building loyal fans is no easy feat.

A new entrepreneur has a number of things on their list to tackle. When I started my online business, I had to struggle for 2 years before profit started rolling in. Of course, there are some fixed expenses every business owner has to bear like office rent, utilities, Internet bills (Thank God I had Cox cable Internet), etc. Without web traffic, you can’t expect any leads.

To get people to develop an interest in what you are selling, the first step is to bring them to your website. I am sure you have a strategy of your own but here are some unusual ways that helped me increase traffic on my website and eventually, generate leads:

#1: Create a Resource Page

New to resource page? It’s a dedicated page on your website praising your company, product service or the customers you admire. These are some ideas for creating resource pages:

  • Create a thank you page: Include all the people/brands you have worked with throughout your journey.
  • Favorite product page: Got a best-seller? Create a page about it. Add content, images, and short views. Tell the audience why it’s everyone’s favorite.

Once the page is ready, share it on social media.

#2: Tap into Social Media Marketing

Over 3 billion people across the world use social media. The popular networks are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and now Tick Tock.

If you haven’t created a social media presence for your brand, start today. It’s one effective way of staying competitive, engaging with your audience and driving traffic to your website.

Once you have published a blog on your website, share it on all social networks. Your content will go viral within minutes.

#3: Publish Answers on Quora

Have you heard of Quora? It’s similar to Yahoo answers but better. You can count on it for bringing traffic to your website? How, you ask? By answering the questions with your content.

You will have to create a Quora account first and then search for questions related to your niche or product/service. Answer those queries that have a lot of views or those where users have posted recently.

The best thing about Quora is that you can provide a link to your blog or mention your product’s name like hallmark channel on optimum. However, you have to be careful that you are not promotional. This strategy will bring a steady stream of readers to your website. Another great thing about Quora is that the answers keep bringing traffic even years after they have been posted.

#4: Revise Your Old Posts

There must be some old posts on your blog or website. If you don’t have time to write new content, then simply revisit the old ones and add more valuable content.

Optimize them according to new SEO guidelines. Even if there are no blog posts on your website, you can make tweaks in the existing pages. Google will revise the ranking of your webpages and this might boost the SERPs.

#5: Start Posting on Medium

It is high time you start growing your own blog on Medium. The website has 60 million monthly readers. Why not introduce those readers to your website?

Don’t have time to write to new content? No problem again! You can even republish your old articles on Medium and expose them to new readers.

No worries, Google won’t penalize you for this duplication. Google has now created a new tool called canonical URL that tells search engines the content posted is syndicated. The best part – medium uses it by default.

So sign up on Medium and publish your first blog today.

#6: Get Started With Email Marketing

Sometimes, we get so involved in bringing new traffic that we forget about the existing audience. Email marketing is powerful for maximizing ROI and engaging with your existing customers. However, for it to work, you must plan everything out the right way. You need to figure out how often to send emails to your existing customers.

Your audience needs to remember that your brand exists. It’s equally important to craft the emails carefully. They shouldn’t sound boring. You shouldn’t be sending sales messages either. It should be the kind of emails your audience would like to open and read. Just like how SA learnerships has done for its marketing strategy. Therefore, do it wisely.


Every website owner is looking forward to bringing more traffic to their website. With these unusual strategies, you can find audiences from places others aren’t looking.

After months of hard work, conversions finally started on my website. The flow of traffic streamlined and so did some of my work responsibilities. One of them was the ability to use the online Cox bill pay facility.

If you use any other unique strategy to boost web traffic that I haven’t mentioned, feel free to share it in the comments section.

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